A brief non-crafty interjection

You might know that one of my many hobbies is powerlifting. I usually don’t share much about that here, because it’s nothing to do with crafting, but just this once I’m so proud of myself that telling only my IRL friends isn’t enough!

Having been deadlifting for only 7 months, this is me pulling 100kg for 5 reps:

Lookit me go! I don’t even care about the stupid faces I pull 😉



11 thoughts on “A brief non-crafty interjection”

  1. YOU ARE AMAZING! That is very impressive. I don’t care if it’s not knitting related, I’m happy to read about what makes you happy, because your posts make me happy. One of my best friends is a powerlifter/knitter too, and I can’t wait to tell her about this.

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