November review

I met my goal for November!  I have done something creative for the last 30 days straight, which I’m pretty proud of.

There were a few marathon knitting sessions, plus my usual crafting while singing at various choirs, but it’s mainly been 10 minutes here and there when I could fit it in. That didn’t sound like much at the beginning of the month, but I’ve made some real progress.

Baby Flax Light just needs some sleeves:


My cupcake hat is nearly finished (it’s one of those where you knit a tube and then cinch the top row of stitches together):


And I’ve made a solid start on my running hat:


Plus, as you might have noticed from the Flax photo, I learned a new-to-me technique this month after Ava suggested using magic loop for the tiny little sleeves. Turns out it’s not scary at all, although it is quite fiddly and I’m not entirely convinced yet. Maybe I just need practice and it will grow on me.

So yay, that’s a win for me goals-wise! But I’m still not going to set any for December. There’s too much Christmas going on to be thinking about goals, so I’m just going to buy presents for most people and work on the few planned handmade gifts whenever I get chance.




20 thoughts on “November review”

  1. Yay, I’m glad you’ve conquered magic loop! Your projects are looking great, and congrats on making your November goals. I agree about the December knitting, some things just have to slow down in this season.

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  2. Congratulations, is your running hat in reflective wool? Or is it a particular style you prefer to run in? I’ve found the trick with magic loop is, when you finish one side, slide your work to the needle end of both needles and then turn and then pull the length out on the rear needle. Once you get in that rhythm you find it a lot less fiddly and it becomes a smooth process. Unfortunately I can’t remember which vlog I learned this from.

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        1. It’s a wee bit of extra faff (surprise!) – instead of leaving the stitches split in half at the same place, keep changing where the cable pops out. E.g. if you have 20 stitches on the front needle and 20 on the back for the first round, then change it to 18 on the front, 22 on the back for the next, 24 on the front 16 on the back etc. You still get looser stitches where the cable comes out, but they’re not all in one spot making a big obvious ladder.

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