The longest January ever

I don’t know how a month can feel like it’s never-ending and still go by in a flash, but January just managed it. Right now I simultaneously can’t believe it’s February already and don’t understand how it’s not at least 2025 yet.  Isn’t time funny?

There wasn’t a huge amount of making for me last month, but I’m happy that the majority of it was for charity.

I also finished off my baby Flax Light and made some progress with Roses for Grandma.

The reason I didn’t get much making done is because a lot of craft time was spent trying to get my flat into some sort of order. You may remember the hugenormous pile of yarn:


That turned out to be around 400 skeins of yarn.


I Marie Kondo-d that mountain and got rid of all the old, nasty acrylic that squeaks when you use it, any colours I wasn’t in love with, and odd bits of leftover skeins I knew I would never do anything with. That left me with 355.5 total. Yes I counted some as half skeins, not to make the total look better, but to give a more realistic idea of what I’ve used up. No using little 25g balls and patting myself on the back for clearing out whole skeins.

So another goal for this year is to make my stash less ridiculous and use up as much as I can. Even though January wasn’t particularly crafty I still managed to knit and crochet two skeins, one into charity hats and one into Roses for Grandma, leaving me with 353.5 to go.

Wish me luck!



34 thoughts on “The longest January ever”

      1. I love working through my stash. I don’t have any yarn that doesn’t excite me. I try to cull things out regularly and we have a Knitting Art Club at school where we teach the students to knit. All of the squeaky acrylic is donated and blankets are made for the local NICU., Win-Win!

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  1. I bet I have more yarn than you. My problem is that I LOVE all my yarn even the squeaky acrylic yarns which I have a lot of. I like to make afghans out of them because they wash up so nicely and they don’t have to be blocked again. Besides washing usually makes the yarn a lot softer as well. AND I can’t even get rid of the partial skeins because “you just never know.”

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  2. I saw that picture of your stash and thought what a small wonderful pile it is. Now I think I should maybe count my own skeins. Or maybe I’ll just go with, I’m never gonna knit my way out of this. lol

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  3. I have quite a bit of yarn that my mom bought for me when she and my dad lived in S. Korea with her Civil Service job with the Air Force. But nothing like your pile!! 😛 However with that said, my spinning fiber would rival your yarn :P.

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  4. Now you’ve got your stash down to the yarn that brings you joy, I’m sure it’ll be easier to work through and you’ll find ideal patterns for them. I didn’t felt a think in January, it’s like the month flew by without me having time to do it and yet it seems like Christmas was about 6 months ago! All very weird.

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  5. There’s a UK charity called Knit For Peace, they take donations of yarn, knitting needles, and knitted items, I donated some of my never-used yarn from my stash to them recently – just if you’re looking for ideas to get rid of some of the yarn you don’t like. They are grateful for anything as they use some of it to teach knitting (women in prisons for instance) so even the bad quality acrylic is fine.
    I also laughed at “I Marie Kondo’d that mountain” 😉

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      1. Yes, I was looking for charities that accept knitted items and then I read on their website that they also accept yarn and other stuff. I love the idea that I can both clean up my stash a bit and help someone else at the same time. I also used to donate to charity shops but I think I prefer to donate to the charity directly 🙂

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    1. I know!! I just couldn’t believe it when I was up over 200 and I’d only got through counting the acrylic. I am working away at it, although I know it’s going to be a very long time before I get anywhere near a ‘reasonable’ number.

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