Final bears

Current WIP count: 7

Okay this will be the last post about Simba bears for a while, I swear. I just wanted to show the whole set of sizes all lined up now they’re finished.

Thankfully that was enough bear for now and I’ve been able to get back into Roses for Grandma properly. All the current squares are finished and I’m now making motifs again, as I decided I want a bigger blanket than first planned.

It’s not quite mindless enough to work on at choir, so I’ve also started another hat. This is strictly for choir/travel crochet so it won’t take any time away from my Grandma blanket.

I think I’m finally getting a good balance between charity makes and projects just for me. Hopefully I can keep that up.



19 thoughts on “Final bears”

  1. Those bears! So freakin’ cute! If it is the right balance of charity and personal knitting, you will have no trouble sticking with it. Know your limits and don’t take on too much-have fun!! xoxo Regina

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  2. Those bears are adorable! β™₯ There’s a charity in the area that makes them and sends them overseas to Africa for the kids. I can’t remember what organization it is anymore. There’s another one that does afghans made of squares knit and crocheted by members. They take in thousands of squares of random colors and find good color matches and make afghans. They go to the local children who have recently been put in foster care. I used to knit for them a lot. πŸ™‚

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