No matchy matchy

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I was so hoping to get some matching fingerless gloves going for me and the boyfriend, but there were issues. Prepare yourself for a tale:

This Caron yarn is thicker than the pattern calls for so I made some adjustments for the first pair of gloves. Sadly the adjustments were not quite enough and they turned out a bit baggy around the wrist area.


The bf and I prefer our gloves to fit much closer so I immediately cast on another pair with fewer stitches. This turned out to be perfect size-wise, but that particular stitch count led to some serious chunks of colour pooling.


The bf is fine with this – hooray he has the fingerless gloves he asked for!

I am not fine with this – boo no matchy matchy for us.

The bigger gloves are now in my Knit for Peace box , and I’m debating whether I want a pair of my own enough to try again with a different yarn. The answer is probably yes.

My blue hat is progressing nicely; just a few more centimetres to go before starting to decrease.

In other news I decided to go through my FO box to see if any of it would be good for donating, and discovered that moths had been chowing down on some of my scarves. This has never happened to me before so I may have had a little cry before sorting it all out.

Thankfully, my favourite Sea Wave scarf was untouched (yes I stuck it in the freezer too just in case). One scarf was a total write-off. Another was only chewed at one end so I will chop that end off and frog the rest to reclaim the yarn. Everything else seems to be clean, but just to be sure I hot washed the acrylics and will gentle wash the rest when they’ve been in the freezer long enough for my liking.

And for the record, Amazon may be the root of all evil, but they did get a bumper pack of cedar wood blocks delivered less than 18 hours after I ordered them.



14 thoughts on “No matchy matchy”

  1. Oh no, soooo sorry to hear about the moth attacks. I literally have nightmares about a moth attack then I start religiously putting everything in ziplock bags and then over time I get relaxed and start leaving stuff unwrapped…eek! I’m going to check all my stuff again and re-charge my cedar blocks with a bit of sandpaper. I like the pooling on the mittens, especially the randomness of the white lines.

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  2. Moths! Yikes! Never had that though I have not checked my stash of wool yarns in quite awhile. Hmmmm , my acrylic yarn creations I zip lock n then stash into a plastic storage bin for safe keeping. Thanks for the freezer kill hint, I might need it for the wool stash!

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  3. Sooo sorry to hear about the moth attack, Hannah, and the loss of some of your beautiful creations. I’m glad to see that you got to safe some projects! πŸ™‚
    I do like the second mitten – I like how the white lines look like the frothy surf on a lake. ;D

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