Sock it to me Monday 4

Turns out I’m still a bit scared of socks.

I was powering down the leg faster than I thought possible with such fiddly little needles, and then for the last few days it’s just been sitting in my WIP bag looking forlorn.


Why? Because I’m half a centimetre from starting the heel part and NEW THINGS ARE SCARY!

But I’ve had a word with myself and my task for tonight is to do that last little bit of the leg and get on to the heel. I can do this!



27 thoughts on “Sock it to me Monday 4”

  1. When I made my first socks back in 2004, the woman at the yarn store gave me this advice (along with the pattern): it’s not going to make much sense at first, but if you follow the instructions as written, it will turn out exactly as it should.

    And she was right!

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  2. New things are scary but you can do it! I was a bit the same when I got to the heel of my first sock and to be honest, I messed it up a little but I got through it (did have to purposefully mess up the heel of the second sock to make them match which felt like an odd thing to do!). Now I’m onto my second pair of socks and I’m already much more confident in knitting the heel because I can see where it’s going.

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  3. You’re just like me, Hannah ! – I procrastinate when something new rears its fearful head. I liked reading that I’m not alone in such pathetic weakness. πŸ˜€
    I know you’ll do it – in fact you’ve probably done it by now !

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  4. Oh, Hannah!! You can do this! It makes sense once you understand concept and the maths, then it is all like a formula that you can twiddle with over, and over, and over…
    I want to see a heel tomorrow, got it?? πŸ™‚

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