April review 2020

Stash used this month: 2 skeins

Total stash used this year: 17.5 skeins

Skeins added to stash this month: 3

Stash remaining: 341 skeins

The 2 skeins used up this month is really an estimate, as I’ve used little bits from lots of different skeins for my Beachcombing blanket. When it’s finished I shall be all technical and weigh what’s left so I can take out exactly how much I’ve used.

I’m somewhat disappointed that total stash went up this month. But on the other hand, NEW PRETTY SQUISHIES!

Only one of them was an impulse buy on my part, because Hobbii had yet another sale on Twirls and there’s this gorgeous new colourway called Pink Tanzanite:


How could I resist?

Some JK Fibers yarn got added to stash by accident (honest!). I bought it for the boyfriend as a present to celebrate him getting a job, but shortly before it arrived he informed me that he doesn’t like knitting with sock yarn because it’s too thin. So it’s gone into my stash, and his present will be a pair of socks made from it instead.


Then, because he is an excellent boyfriend, he bought me a mini skein of Industrial Accident from Mothy and the Squid.


And it came with a free mini skein of Blue Footed Booby, which is also sock yarn, so that went to me as well.


Buying yarn is one of my coping mechanisms so I can’t promise that’ll be the end of lockdown stash enhancement, but I’m trying really hard not to go on a yarny binge. The goal is still to have less than 300 skeins by the end of the year so I need to focus on using up what I’ve got!



9 thoughts on “April review 2020”

  1. Hannah, you are too cute! I am impressed with the dent you have made in your stash. I have had “stash accidents” before and they are tragic but that is life right? I am sure you’ll figure out a way to live with those skeins of yarn. Let me know if you need suggestions. I have experience! 🙂

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  2. Well I bought more weaving cotton yarn today so my yarn buying ban year has all gone to pot…the thing is we made these resolutions before we knew there was going to be a global pandemic to cope with and I must say those new acquisitions are gorgeous. I love Mothy and the Squid colours, I have one of her Postman Butterfly that I plan to make a wacky pair of gloves out of! One day! Well done on using up 2.

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  3. Nice new yarn! I am being really good trying not to add to my stash whilst in lockdown – I have plenty to play with at home – more than plenty! One issue would be how to sneak it into the house without the husband knowing – he is camping out in my office/craft room as a home office!!

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