Well that didn’t last long

I’m up to date with my CAL squares, ready for the last two to be released tomorrow.

Except, as you may be able to see, I did not keep up with sewing the ends in as I went.

I never learn.

Now, opinions please – I feel like the top left square doesn’t quite fit with the rest. Even though I used the same palette as the other squares, the way the colours sit together looks soooo different to me. Any thoughts? Did you notice it? Or am I just over thinking this? Please let me know!



26 thoughts on “Well that didn’t last long”

  1. I like it, but I might move it and replace it with one of the more yellow-ish ones. But only after I have all my squares, as they may still change the look of the afghan.
    It’s very pretty! Is the theme of the CAL something related with fossils?

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  2. It looks great, Hannah. I am ready for the next block in my KAL. I, on the other hand, have been weaving in my ends *and* blocking my squares as I go. I have learned my lesson (it only took me 30 years!!) haha

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    1. Yeah the last two squares also made the yellow look really bright and obvious, which is good because it balances out that square a little, but a bit weird considering it’s all the same yellow…


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