Pride comes before a silly mistake, usually.

I admit it, I got cocky. ‘I wonder how fast I could make a whole sock now’ I thought. For I, as you may know, am now a sock knitting wizard.

But then I went to knit the next needle and found this:


A big, long, accidental float on the outside. On the previous round I must not have noticed that the yarn was wrapped round the side (a frequent occurrence), so I missed a whole needle and carried on knitting the next one.

I’m a dingbat.

But now I’m a dingbat who will always double and triple check that the yarn is not wrapped round anywhere in any way before I start knitting.

Plus this is the first time I’ve had to undo anything on the second sock, so on balance I’m doing pretty well.

But let’s not get cocky…




20 thoughts on “Pride comes before a silly mistake, usually.”

      1. That’s the spirit! 😍 A friend of mine told me that she now knits both socks at the same time. She loves this method and says that it’s a sure way to avoid having two different ones πŸ˜‰πŸ’œ


  1. I’ve made mistakes so many n then I’ll see it or them several rows after the fact on king size blanket no less! Frog it out n do it again, πŸ™„. Frustrating yes, but it’s okay I’ll live. As other posters said were only human! ✌🏻

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