I’m a stress buyer

I’m really trying not to add to stash mountain, but I can’t not spend money on crafty stuff when I’m this anxious.

So instead I’ve been looking at some shiny new accessories. First up I wanted a proper project bag, and I spotted this one on Jibbyroo Sews:

Which came in the prettiest packaging with a proper nice teabag and a free stitch marker.


I deeeefinitely recommend the Etsy shop if you’re looking for some pretties.

Then I went on a search for some stitch markers, and geezo are there a lot to choose from! It turned out to be an easy peasy choice though, as soon as I saw a set of afternoon tea markers from KoPo UK:

I can’t believe how teeny and perfect they are – just look at that little crumpet! And the sugar cube feels like a real sugar cube! Also on the recommend list for sure.

There were so many pretty things in both shops it’s very likely I’ll be visiting again next payday.



26 thoughts on “I’m a stress buyer”

  1. They are indeed cute, those stitch-markers. Trouble is, how many do you get to use at one time ? Be lovely to make something that requires several, eh ? πŸ™‚

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    1. Thanks for the link to jibbyroo sews. I have ordered a face mask for your father and a bee stitch marker for Debbie for Christmas.


  2. Those stitch markers are precious! What a fun crafting project! πŸ˜€ Alas, you may think i’m kidding, but i’m so not. *giggles* i was in need of a stitch marker one afternoon and wasn’t prepared with everything right on hand. i found a costume jewelry ring which did quite nicely. The needles were rather large, so it was perfect. Stress buying is one of my things, too. You didn’t add to your craft mountain of projects, Dear. You bought things to help you work your way through it. πŸ˜‰ Yes, i can rationalize anything!!!!

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  3. KoPoUK makes the best stitch markers, I have too many of them and there might be another set in my shopping basket on Etsy right now (although what saves me from clicking “buy” is that they don’t sheep abroad during pandemic restrictions lol). All your purchases look great and I fully understand stress shopping! I’m guilty of it too πŸ˜‰

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  4. I’m the opposite. I haven’t purchased anything. I need yarn but I haven’t gotten any, although I’m probably going to get some soon. I promised my sisters big baby yoda’s and I don’t have enough yarn. I figured I can’t see them anyway so they won’t know but I’m working on the dolls now so I better get on it!

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  5. Cute markers! I was working into my stash but broke my own rules this week as I had to make one purchase when I was sent a new crochet pattern and just didn’t have enough of the right weight cotton to try it out! Buying online is fantastic but occasionally the colours aren’t quite as you hoped – so I ordered two colours of a particular cotton and one is definitely going back. At least I am not keeping both, eh!

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