Sock it to me Monday 12

I definitely could have made a whole pair of socks in a week, if I’d just paced myself. But that addictive personality came out, I knit non-stop for hours on end, and ended up with a stabby pain in my left shoulder.

So this is what the second sock looks like right now:

It will be finished this week, for reals. Although I’ll also be casting on my pride sock so it likely won’t be til the end of the week.

I’ve downloaded a pomodoro timer to my phone, which will hopefully stop me messing up my shoulder again. Fingers crossed.



20 thoughts on “Sock it to me Monday 12”

    1. I hope your shoulder is still in good working order! I’m trying to rest mine while still getting in a wee bit of crafty time every day, and so far it’s not been too bad. I don’t think it would be good for other parts of me if I stopped crafting completely, even it did heal my shoulder faster.

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    1. I had to fiddle about with the length of the ‘work’ periods and the breaks, but yes it seems to be working now. I’m trying to do some skipping on the breaks, so it’s helping me to stop sitting immobile for an entire day as well.

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      1. That’s great!!!! I put down my knitting for a bit again. I’ve been painting walls in my house, changing curtains and washing them throughout. About time for a quiet day of knitting soon. šŸ™‚ Needs to cool off first. Can’t knit in 100*F weather!


  1. I join the comments about not hurting yourself while doing such amazing work. If you don’t find the pomodoro technique suitable, you could listen to some music that you know, or watch something streamed, that has regular time breaks. For example stop and stretch every time a song or an episode is over. I used to knit while commuting and used the train stops as reminder to make a break (sometimes I missed a stop though šŸ™‚ ). Anything that can stay in the background but still catch your attention periodically would work fine to prevent too long knitting bursts. Keep us updated!

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    1. I do watch a lot of Netflix series so that could work too! Pomodoro seems to be helping since I tweaked the timings, but I do have to make myself stop as soon as the bell goes otherwise I keep doing ‘just one more row’ and end up missing the break entirely.

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      1. Yup I know the feeling. That’s why I tried watching series or hearing music, so that I get a sense that the episode or the piece has ended, and it’s a good moment for a break. Happy knitting, looking forward to seeing pictures of rainbow socks!


  2. Yeowch! Hope your shoulder is on the mend by now… And to think, people never believe me when I tell them knitting is a high risk activity! I usually listen to the radio while I’m crafting – the news bulletins are my hourly reminder to get up and move about a bit.
    Also, does it count as enabling if I say the socks are lovely and totally worth the pain? šŸ˜‚

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