Yarn heaven

There’s a wee town in Scotland called Dunoon, which holds a very special place in my heart. It’s beautiful and quiet, and I can feel my whole body relaxing whenever we arrive.


It has, as far as I can see, only one yarn shop; Jinty & Baa. It’s a lovely shop with a good mix of indie dyed and commercial yarns, sewing and embroidery thread, a beautiful range of fabrics, and all the little knick knacks and doodads we fibre crafters might need. Plus the owner is really friendly and chatty, and we’ve had a good natter both times I’ve been in there.

Since Dunoon is so special to me, and I want to support small businesses as much as I can afford, I decided to allow myself one special skein as a memento.

Sadly, last time we came here the shop was closed for a few days… re-opening the day after we left, of course. We tried again this visit, only to discover that we had rocked up on the one day a week they were closed. So yesterday was the final chance. If the shop was closed again I would take it as a sign that I just wasn’t meant to have a yarn memento.

As you probably guessed from the title, IT WAS OPEN!!

I must say, yarn shopping is a very different experience in the middle of a pandemic. Have you ever been afraid to squish yarn? I was. How are you supposed to decide what you want without squishing??

The answer is you find a little basket full of Scheepjes Whirls that you have wanted for literal years, grab the gorgeous Kelly green cake that is just made for you, and hug it to your chest like a long-lost pet.

Actual colourway = murderous mint

True story.

AND THEN just to make it even more perfect, I went to pay and found out that they were reduced to £16 each. Even I can’t really believe I didn’t grab another one (or two) after hearing that!

I ran outside with my treasure, and the boyfriend went in to choose some sock yarn because he would like me to knit some more socks for him. He got these two pretties:


These are Sea Holly and Bennachie from Cookston Crafts (dyed in Aberdeenshire!), both superwash merino with nylon, plus the green one has 5% stellina. I’m so ready for my first go with superwash.

And this is why he’s the best boyfriend in the world: he asked the owner what I had been looking at, and bought me another Whirl!!


This one is Indigo Plane and I’m fairly sure I’m going to make a Lost Souls shawl with it.

I can’t believe I actually have 2 Scheepjes Whirls in my stash right now and it’s not even my birthday! So now the goal is to actually knock some WIPs off my list so I can make a start on one of these babies without that nagging feeling that I should be doing something else. Wish me luck.



26 thoughts on “Yarn heaven”

  1. That boyfriend of yours is a keeper. I love Cookston Crafts yarns and have quite a collection. Claire is really friendly and one day in the future I will get over to her workshop. Her merino nylon sock I have 2 pairs in her Bree colour and my brioche shawl WIP is using two of her more luxury yarns including yak & silk and one skein with alpaca and I have quite a few more skeins of her sock yarn too …and another Yak and silk one…and last year’s advent calendar yarns….hahahaha you get the hint that I’m a bit of a fan. So I’m sure your boyfriend will love the socks you knit him. We haven’t yet done the Peninsula that Dunoon is on but we have done the one west of it down to Campbeltown. I suppose you can get the ferry from the Glasgow side? Your goodies all look lovely though. Enjoy them guilt free…gifted yarn or yarn used to knit for others shouldn’t count as stash additions 😉

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    1. I think I’ve heard of Cookston before, but never bought any. I can’t wait to get into it!
      We usually drive down to Gourock and get the ferry across from there, or we can drive over the Rest and be Thankful, but my little car struggles with all those hills.


  2. 🙂 What great purchases. He’s a keeper!
    Um yes I agree about the swishy bit. I haven’t purchased any yarn since the start of all this however I have purchased fabric and yes it is a weird feeling cause you have to feel it! but don’t want to. As I write this we have began stage 4 restrictions here in Melbourne including a curfew. Today we will find out which businesses can/will remain open. It has been a long journey so far and I fear we still have a long way to go before we are out of all this. I would have thought I would have made a bigger dent in my stash um yes still a long way to go there too!

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  3. Oh my goodness. I’ve had such a hellish week with workers and contractors trying to get my kitchen finished that your sweet post is absolutely what I needed. I was like, what? Her boyfriend went in to buy his own yarn? In a tiny Scottish town? I can’t stand the adorableness of it. That he bought you a present of your fav…like icing on the cake. Too cute.

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