WIP Wednesday 05.08.20

Current WIP count: 7

Yes I’m one WIP down, but that’s because I frogged rather than finished something.20190410_091721-1.jpg

The Havana blanket has been sitting in a box for over a year, and I realised the thought of working on it wasn’t bringing me any joy, so I frogged it.
I’m actually quite relieved now it’s gone. Maybe I’ll try again one day if I find the right yarn.

I’m also chugging along with my socks. Apologies for the photo quality – it’s miserable weather in Scotlandia today.

I sort of wish I’d gone for a contrasting heel as well, especially looking at the amount of main yarn I have left.
So these may end up as not-quite-matching socks in the end. That’s okay though; they’re only for me and hardly anyone will see the toes whether they match or not. I can’t wait to get these done and make a start on another pair for The boyfriend.


19 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday 05.08.20”

  1. I think knowing when to throw in the towel on a WIP is a good skill. There are too many just sitting upstairs that I’ll probably never touch again, but don’t have the heart to unravel.

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    1. Yeah I really didn’t want to frog it for a long time, because I know it was pretty and I know I enjoyed it at the time. But honestly it’s such a relief not having it hanging over me any more! Maybe you could just frog one of them and see how it goes, maybe the mojo will come back.

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  2. Love them! The whole running out of yarn thing happens to me with almost every project because Iโ€™m trying to use up stash and then end up having to buy another ball of yarn. No wonder we canโ€™t get rid of stash!

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    1. That’s partly why I’m trying to get used to not-quite-matching things. There’s a wee bit of darker purple in my Coastal Crochet blanket because I ran out of the lighter stuff and I was determined not to buy more. It’s definitely still a process though.

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