September review 2020

Yesss Halloween month is here! Time to dig out my face paints and costumes!

But before all that, let’s have a look at my yarnery in September.

Stash used this month: 1

Total stash used this year: 42.5

Stash remaining: 325.75

Makes for myself

Just a crochet rainbow and most of a pair of Hermione’s every day socks for myself this month. I’m happy with that, as I’ve wanted to make a rainbow like this for MONTHS and I just love the neon rainbow yarn from Siobhan’s Crafts.

Makes for others

I finished off a green pair of socks for the boyfriend and made a start on a purple pair. Cuz he’s amazing and bought me flowers as soon as I found out I was losing my job.

He is good to me.

I am most definitely still in the middle of a sock phase. But I also feel the urge to make another blanket getting stronger and stronger, so that’s probably going to happen imminently.

It just popped into my head that I did a “make 9” post away back when things were normal, which I haven’t even looked at for months. It’s probably a bit late to get them all done before the end of the year, but I think I’ll have a look at it again and at least try something from the list.

But then I will also be spending a lot of time looking for a job and then hopefully working at said job. We’ll see.

How was your September?



21 thoughts on “September review 2020”

  1. I’m sorry to hear about the job, Hannah. I hope your search is productive and that you find something soon (in a similar situation). I’m very inspired by these wonderful socks you’ve made (what cheerful rainbow yarn!). Are they cotton or wool?

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  2. Your rainbow is lovely and cheerful – just what is needed in a soggy grey autumn! And you will need those socks now the weather is turning colder. Good luck with the job hunting.

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  3. The rainbow is so cute ^-^
    I really did not have a very productive September for makes. I spent a lot of time reading and watching Critical Role on Youtube and not doing any yarn crafts…cross stitch also took up a lot of my time.

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  4. Oh, I love those cheerful colourful socks – there’s really nothing like hand-knitted socks when the weather starts to get cooler. Sorry to hear about the work situation, hopefully something new (and better!) will come along soon. Keeping my fingers crossed for you! 🤞

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  5. Wishing you good luck in your job search, tough timing. I can hardly remember what I’ve done in September – isn’t that sad?! – the crisis is making each day/week blur. One thing I do remember doing was to start knitting a poncho for a 4 year old. I was using some of my yarn stash which should knit to the same tension as the pattern required, however, half way up the back I discovered it would fit someone not so little so rather than rip back and reknit a different size it is becoming a larger person’s gift! It’s a good job I aim to gift a few handmade items this year for Christmas!

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