Sock it to me Monday 28

I am very dim sometimes.

I read all the way through the Diagon Ally pattern before making a start, and I would have bet my redundancy money that it had written instructions for the whole of each sock. I definitely saw them. And yet, at this point of the sock knittage:


The next instruction is simply “work row 1 of the pattern chart”.


Yes, I did say I might try something new and use the chart, but that was when things were going somewhat better for me and I had a bit of brain-power spare for such things.

So that sock immediately went into the naughty corner, and I started a wee pair of shortie socks I’ve been planning for a while to use up some partial and mini skeins. There’s not much to see yet, but here they are.


The plan is for these to be sister socks rather than twins, to make sure I can use up as many scraps as possible. Personally, I think they’ll look quite good! But feel free to reserve judgement until they’re finished.



11 thoughts on “Sock it to me Monday 28”

  1. You’ve got to try the chart. It will open a whole wide world of knitting for you, ie all the patterns that aren’t in languages you speak:) That said, it looks like you are doing your gusset decreases while working through the textured pattern on the top of the foot (the needles on the top) and the gusset decreases and plain stockinette on the foot. To keep track myself I’ll keep a list of rows. For example row 1 decrease, row 2, row 3 decrease…
    If you’d like help with the chart reading send me a message on Ravelry. I’m KarenF:)

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  2. I’ve done charts and still prefer written instructions, but good on you for trying, and don’t give up! I think like Karen said, you’ll continue the chart pattern on the top of the foot. I hope you get it sorted out soon enough after it’s been in timeout for a while!

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  3. I have just been knitting a slipper pattern that is obviously translated from one of the Nordic languages with not enough proof reading! I guessed at what it meant using memories of other patterns – it was the heel section that was most difficult but not very different I guessed from a technique I had done before so I just winged it. Amazingly it came out OK and I bet yours will too!

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  4. Love the comment ‘naughty corner’ ha ha – think there are several ‘naughty corners’ for my knitting in my house (read your next blog post re the same – Karen’s quiz q’s !!!)

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