Decisions, decisions

Today I have another quiz from Karen, and this one feels particularly relevant to me at the moment (read: all the time because I’m a WIP-fiend).

Are you a one project at a time crafter or do you like a variety to suit your mood?

I feel like there have been times in the dim and distant past when I was a monogamous crafter, but generally my WIP list sits between 5 and 10 projects at any one time. Partly because I both crochet and knit, but mainly because there are too many beautiful things to make and I can’t possibly stick with just one.

It does seem to work out that I usually have one large and one small project each for knitting and crochet, and then a few others sneak in when I see something I really want to make.

Do you reward yourself along the way with a new project after reaching a certain goal?

Sometimes, but only if it’s a really big/complicated project and I need a bit of extra motivation. I’m a bit too easily distracted by the new thing so it doesn’t always work…

How do you decide which project to work on? Do you require that you work on a less loved project before you work on the one that is really firing you up?

Since lockdown started I’ve only been working on projects that I feel like making (mostly socks) – there’s too much stress involved in just existing at the moment, so craft time needs to be something I enjoy.

In the before times I did used to hold exciting projects back until I’d crossed a few things off the WIP list, so maybe I’ll get back to working that way again one day.

How do you know you have too many things going at one time?

I started keeping a WIP list for just this reason. After a year or two of using it I know that once the number of projects hits double figures I’m going to start getting overwhelmed.

If you had to chose between a project that is nearly done and a new exciting one which would you pick? Are you a process crafter or a project crafter?

Well it depends. If the nearly-done project is socks then right now I would probably go for that. I’ve still not got over the I JUST MADE A PAIR OF SOCKS feeling every time I finish. Otherwise I would probably get distracted by the shiny new thing.

And there you have it. Feel free to join in if you fancy it!



14 thoughts on “Decisions, decisions”

  1. I love reading everyone’s responses to Karen’s quizzes πŸ™‚ She asks good questions, and it’s so interesting that we have such different attitudes and thoughts about our crafting! It’s fun getting to know each other better πŸ™‚

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  2. Love a quiz – even better when it’s a crafty one! I am not sure I ever aim to have one or more projects on the go – they’ve all evolved over the years. During this pandemic I have rediscovered projects hidden from sight (or memory sometimes!), finished some, binned some, re-hidden some. I enjoyed reading your answers here.

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  3. You are brave to keep a WIP list!! I am often shocked when I see how many projects are in progress on Ravelry. I am bouncing around a lot too with the pandemic as I just need easy things sometimes that will look nice but not stress me in any way. πŸ™‚ May your socks keep you very happy on cold mornings.

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  4. I usually finish one project before I start another but often have some blanket squares made to use up scraps and waiting to be joined together or something I tried in order to learn a new technique and abandoned until I can see what to use it for. The exception is when I run out of yarn and start another project until I can go shopping.

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