I’m still a bit dim

But at least not imagining things.

It turns out if you keep scrolling through Diagon Ally, past the charts, there are in fact written instructions for each foot. Sigh.

See what I mean about lacking brain power right now?

So the socks have come out of the naughty corner, and as of this morning I can just about see the beginning of the foot pattern emerging.

Hopefully I have enough wits left to follow the written part and I won’t have to frog the whole sock. Do please keep your fingers crossed for me!




11 thoughts on “I’m still a bit dim”

  1. I too wonder if you can use this as an opportunity to reference & compare the written instructions and become more comfortable with charts! For me, charts work great for knitting time as well as for reducing mistakes as I knit, since they provide a visualization of stitch positioning relative to previous rows.

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  2. It’s all very well crossing my fingers for you, but that is a position that makes it extremely difficult to do anything else, you know .. Like, continue on with my t.b. .. 😀

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