Sock it to me Monday 29, and a request

Okay, Blogville. I have a job interview tomorrow, which I understand is a good thing from a financial point of view. But.  I still feel like I’m… is grieving too strong a word for a job?  I’ve been made redundant before and it was awful, but this time I thought I’d found my ‘forever’ job and I’d work there and progress until my retirement, so losing it has hit me so much harder. It’s not even been two weeks since the redundancy was confirmed, and going for an interview already feels terribly rushed.   

On the other hand I will need a job at some point, and the sooner I get into one the sooner I’ll be made permanent and will finally be able to apply for that elusive mortgage so we can buy our own place. 

I will go to the interview, but I’m worried that my confused feelings will get in the way of doing my best.  So my request is this: if you have any useful advice, please give it. If you pray then please will you pray for me. If you don’t then please send any happy/peaceful/decisive thoughts and feelings my way. If you can think of any other way to help then I am open to suggestions. Please and thank you.

Now, on to the socks.

I finally found a disadvantage to the integrated heel, when I opted for a contrasting heel colour. Because the gusset increases are knitted in the round (and I’m a fairly noob knitter), I couldn’t use the contrast colour on the heel flap so this is all the contrast I’ve got:


Not very impressive, but there’s no way I’m going all the way back and using a heel flap so I shall just live with it.

Diagon Ally is turning out to be a hugely addictive pattern. I don’t think I’ve ever knit a foot this quickly!


Just look at that gorgeous diagonal line.  

It’s not quite long enough as is, so I’m going to add on a few plain rows before starting the toe. I already can’t wait to cast on the next one!




30 thoughts on “Sock it to me Monday 29, and a request”

  1. Hannah, this is the second prayer request I have received since I logged on. I will pray for you!! I think what you are feeling is perfectly normal. In fact, if they ask you about your previous job during the interview, I would be candid and tell them that it was a job you wanted to retire from. As a potential employer, I would appreciate someone who is looking for a long-term commitment. Take some time to think about what aspects of your former job made you feel that way and be sure you ask questions on the interview that give you insight as to whether or not this position can offer you the same comforts. To thine own self be true!
    Good luck sweetheart!!

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  2. I’m very sorry to learn you were made redundant, Hannah: that’s a blow to the ego that’s very hard to come back from.
    But, me old Glasgow china, nothing would help more than obtaining another job so quickly – honestly, nothing !
    So I feel very strongly that you should approach the interview in as positive a manner as you can summon up – and it should be pretty damned positive, inasmuch as you’ve already progressed to the point of interview !
    In other words, you’ve already started back up – and with a giant leap !
    So clap yourself on the back (you may need a back-scrubber from the shower to do this) and go forward in confidence.
    Big complimentary hug from Downunder !

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  3. Best of luck, positive thoughts are heading down the A9 now so should be with you by morning. I worked for the best company for nearly 9 years in Liverpool and when I left I cried more tears and definitely grieved it’s loss. I cried so much I looked like I’d been punched. But onwards and upwards, I’m sure something as good or better is in your near future.

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  4. I don’t think grieving is too strong of a word. Your life changed in a way you did not want it to and you had no control over it. I would tell them that you loved your old job, and you were sad to leave it. I would also let myself have a cookie and a cry once I was done with the interview. I’m sending good thoughts your way.

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  5. Oh, I was in grief the first year after I retired. It is hard to not allow your job, and your sense of worth, to become entwined and part of your identity. You are so much more, however, and you have so many skills that are yours alone and never did belong to that darn job that let you go when you wanted to loyally work there forever. List your strengths and give yourself a hug. You’ve got this!!

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  6. I’m sorry about the job you lost, but it’s good news that you have an interview for a new job so soon. Probably your strongest tool to get through life will be an awareness that life is all about change and that we often won’t know when that change is about to happen.

    When you hit a rough patch, it can help to look back on some of the changes that you’ve already been through in the past and focus on the ones that weren’t pleasant. In each case, take a look at how your life progressed from then on and see where you ended up and you’ll probably find that you not only landed on your feet, but were somehow stronger or better for having gone through the experience.

    Even if you have some changes that you’ve been through in the past that you can’t find a silver lining on with that sort of examination, you can still look over the circumstances of your life and realize that the you who you are is as a result of everything you’ve experienced and that the good things that you have or are experiencing today might not have been possible if everything that came before them, good and bad, hadn’t happened.

    Anyway, good luck on the interview. Just be yourself and you’ll do fine.

    P.S. Your socks are beautiful.

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  7. Being made redundant is very upsetting, and you are definitely mourning the loss. However, you got an interview already! I hope that encourages you a bit. My best advice is be yourself in the interview. They already know you’re good – let them see you are wonderful! Sending you good thoughts and wishes for success 🙂

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  8. Yay, look at that diagonal line! I am sending you calm positive vibes. Sometimes I think it’s okay to be honest about your feelings in an interview. Remember that you are going to assess whether it is a good fit for you, as well as them.

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  9. I’m sure it’s too late to give advice, but I am sending you positive vibes! It’s great to have gotten an interview so quickly. I hope you find a new job that you love as much as the old one! Also: those Diagon Alley socks, OMG! I need to make them immediately!

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  10. Sorry hannah I missed this post because I was away but I hope the interview went well. I don’t do prayer but if wishes can travel backwards through time you had them!

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