Sock it to me Monday 30

I finished my happy neon socks at last and wore them at the weekend.

These are Hermione’s Every Day Socks (Rav link) using Neon Rainbow sock yarn from Siobhan’s Crafts (I cannot recommend enough).

The first Diagon Ally sock is done and I’m whizzing through the leg of the second one.

And my shortie sock currently looks like this.

But there’s a wee niggle at the back of my mind telling me to frog it all. I’m not sure why, but I’m just not that happy with it. I’ll give it a few days in the naughty corner and see how I feel after that.

What do you guys think, Blogville?



25 thoughts on “Sock it to me Monday 30”

  1. Sometimes you just get that sense that a project is ‘not right’. If it still feels wrong after a spell in the corner frog it – this is all supposed to be for fun and relaxation and working on something you don’t enjoy is a waste of life.

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  2. Love your neon socks, colour and texture. Does it involve pots of purl stitches? Not sure what you feel is wrong with the short socks, though it does look very short. If you are unsure about something ‘sleeping on it’ is always a good idea.

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  3. Love your cheerful neon socks! The Diagon Ally socks are also looking great. I think your plan for the shorty socks is a good one – if you don’t like it for whatever reason, rip it. The yarn will be useful for something else 🙂

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  4. I am immensely happy for you that you finished the Hermione socks and they are scrumptious. The boyfriend socks are well, boyfriend socks. But the Shorty socks are fantastic please keep at it I love them.

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  5. You could take it into the kitchen and find some items you usually avoid spilling on clothing and have some happy accidents with them, neatly solving the all-one-color problem with some beautiful new stains while giving the shorties a new lease on life.

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      1. And fun! I also keep the baking soda handy for kitchen staining experiments. If I happen to have an unhappy accident, I have yet to find a food that baking soda can’t remove from pretty much anything. Of course, in this case, the more stains, the better.


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