UFO upgraded to sleeve island

You may remember (or possibly not, as there’s been the whole pandemic thing since then) that I started a Flax jumper for the boyfriend earlier this year. For some unknown reason, I made it halfway through the bottom ribbing and just stopped working on it.

The poor Flax sat in that state until Friday, when it took IT over three hours to get a programme sorted on my work laptop. They had remote control of the laptop so I couldn’t actually do any work, and the jumper was sitting on top of our pile of blankets right next to my desk, so to pass the time I picked it up and finished off the ribbing. That was all it took to relight the fire and I haven’t put it down since!


Wahey sleeve island. You may be able to see that I’ve gone completely over to team DPN and I’m not using circulars at all for the sleeves. I can’t tell if it’s quicker or not, but I certainly feel happier about it.

Hopefully I can finish this before winter rolls round.



11 thoughts on “UFO upgraded to sleeve island”

  1. Those computer bugs are annoying! When my son takes over my laptop remotely to sort something out it feels really weird and I have to do something else to stop me looking at the screen going nuts all on its own! Your jumper is coming on well. Like you I prefer DPN to circular needles – the circular ones never seem quite the right length.

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    1. I’m just now starting to feel like I know what I’m doing, which is good. But it’s a lot of simple copy and pasting and data entry, whereas the last job used a lot more of my brain. I’m not sure I could do this one forever.

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