October review 2020

Stash used this month: 0.5

Total stash used this year: 43

Stash added: 2

Stash remaining: 327.25

I’m really not getting through stash mountain as quickly as I hoped. That seems to be what happens when I can’t stop knitting socks; they’re such addictive little things, but not exactly yarn munchers.

All I’ve managed this month is a pair of socks for the boyfriend and two blanket squares.

Of course, stress-buying yarn isn’t helping either. I really am trying to cut down on that.

I’m now starting to think about Christmas presents, as well as a couple of December birthdays, so there should be something other than socks and blankets to show off this month! Even I’m looking forward to that.



10 thoughts on “October review 2020”

  1. You are right about socks not really making a dent in the stash. The cardigan I just finished was very satisfying. I had a large box of wool that just kept getting smaller and smaller. I only have one skein left and I think I will make some matching mitts.

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  2. But your fairly pitiful AMOUNT of work output is more than balanced by the QUALITY, Hannah ! Dem socks is triffic !, and the squares truly pretty. If I could show off three FOs a month I’d be laughing ..

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  3. Stash busting is soooo hard! I’ve started a blanket to get rid of all my acrylic but I’ve bought so much cotton yarn for my amigurumi that I’ve got a lot more yarn now 🙈

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