It’s my favourite day!

How can anyone be mad at a Friday?? Plus 13 is my favourite number, and occasionally my birthday falls on a Friday the 13th, so I love it.

I’m ‘celebrating’ by having yummy mushroom and spinach burgers then dealing with some really strong ninjas in Zelda, all while snuggled up with the boyfriend.

Also probably finishing my sock because I’m already on the toe so I may as well.

What are you doing for Friday the 13th? Are you superstitious?



20 thoughts on “It’s my favourite day!”

  1. Oohh mushroom and spinach burgers sound delish – do you make them yourself?
    On Friday nights my roommate and I are working our way through Disney animated movies – we have a list of the ones we want to watch and use a random number generator to make a decision!

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    1. We’ve not made them ourselves (although the boyfriend does a gorgeous portobello mushroom ‘burger’), but we definitely should – things always taste even better when they’re home made.
      That sounds like a great way to choose! I would just choose Moana, Brave, or Mulan every time 😛

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  2. No. Had a pleasant day, capped off with a delicious Vietnamese meal brought ’round by the wife of our Building Manager !! – Oanh is a beautiful, kind and helpful young mother whose toddler is adorable and whose husband is the kind of B.M. one wishes for everyone. She sent me a text, to say the meal was outside my door, in which she called me “mum” !! I was so touched. I have been adopted !! 🙂

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      1. It’s OK. The atmosphere at work is a lot more relaxed as there is very little work and no real deadlines at the moment. I’m sure that will change but hope it stays relaxed until after Christmas. My days have been cut from 3 days to 1 which I really don’t mind.

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  3. One of the best jobs I ever had started on a Friday 13th! It was raining on and off so I picked up my bulk order from Suma through the local group, bought fruit and veg at the farm shop and baked cakes for a workday today which was cancelled but a few of us got together to do some prep work so the cake was not wasted!

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  4. Yesterday, Friday the 13th, kind of passed by unexcitingly. Lockdown in 2020, not going out much! In the ancient past I used to dread Friday the 13ths, being accident prone as a child (falling off bikes, out of trees, etc), in my 30’s having a car accident on a 13th too. Then in my 40’s a few good things happened on the 13ths of months, finding a new house, completing the sale of a house, getting a job confirmation, so I changed the way I felt about it. Oops missed celebrating this one! Maybe a glass of wine on the 14th will make up for that !

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