How many times do I have to be told??

Don’t. Knit. Tired!

Because I always end up doing silly things like this:

I missed the knit stitches between two cables, and didn’t even notice until I got to the next cable round. I do so wish I’d noticed earlier because this yarn does NOT like to be tinked. That was a painful four rounds.

But it’s all sorted now and I’m on to the home stretch of ribbing. I really can’t wait to get this finished so I can snuggle up in it at my desk while I’m working.



27 thoughts on “How many times do I have to be told??”

  1. I feel your pain. I’ve done some horrible things to my knitting when I’m tired. The worst part is that there are so many ways to tink depending on what kind of stitches you’re undoing.

    I don’t know about you, but I can only ever remember how to tink a standard knit stitch. If it’s anything else, I have to go look it up, which is additional punishment for an already bad decision. How bad and/or complicated are cables to tink? Luckily, I haven’t yet had to do that.

    I’m glad you managed to recover from it and your cowl is looking beautiful.

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      1. Ah, good to know about the cables. And the yarn – splitting? ACK, just thinking about tinking is stressful. I recently dropped a stitch and picked it back up again when I was tired, but I picked it up backwards and didn’t notice until I’d gotten several rows in and the next day’s morning sunshine revealed the error. I decided to leave it imperfect rather than battling my way back to that spot. Maybe next time they’ll turn out perfect.


  2. I’m the same. When knitting brioche I MUST NOT DO IT AT NIGHT. But I keep trying, telling myself I’m perfectly on top of things ..
    Personally, I avoid yarns that are even remotely ‘hairy’, as there’s nearly always SOME tinking to be done.

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  3. I suppose the irony is that you are probably the only person that would notice that mistake if you’d carried on….but if you are anything like me, every time you put it on it would stick out like a sore thumb and really annoy you!

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  4. Tinking is a hassle even without fiddly yarn in the picture! Glad you set your cable right again, but I don’t think any of us stop knitting when we’re tired – it keeps life interesting. 😉

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  5. It’s gorgeous gorgeous, and looks very cozy. I always say rip back and start over because you won’t be happy with it in the end if you don’t. It’s painful while you’re doing it but so much more relieving in the end.

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