No socks Monday

Believe it or not, I don’t have any socks on my needles right now. Gasp!

What I do have is a serious case of finish-itis. I’ve sewn in all the ends on the baby jumper and my Diagon Ally socks, and I’ve been super focussed on the boyfriend’s jumper. It’s odd not having the slightest urge to start something new.

However, I have hit a bit of a snag with one finish. Earlier this year I mentioned completing my Roses for Grandma blanket before 2021. All of the squares are finished and now it’s on to joining them together.

But I can NOT understand the joining instructions. At all. I’ve tried a few versions of what it might be trying to say, but none of them turned out useable, never mind correct.

There are no diagrams in the pattern, no notes on Rav, and no videos on YouTube that I can find, so I’m a bit stuck. I don’t suppose anyone else has made it before and can help me?



14 thoughts on “No socks Monday”

  1. Hannah me love, I found that lovely square roughly 10 years back, and it had nothing with it – just the motif.
    So I made a christening throw for a friend who had begged for me to do so in order for her to have a gift for a new-born niece. And the joining was done simply by having a row of sc around every square and then joining every side’s sc edging to every other one, if you follow my drift ..(It also helped straighten the squares.)

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  2. Is this the pattern? If so I can see what she has done. Loops of chains are worked round the first square joining into the square with an sc/dc in different places as you can see on the photographs. Then when working around an adjoining square the middle chain of the loop is worked round the chain of the earlier square. Similar to something I did once. Happy to discuss more if you want.

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  3. I think there is something about a big holiday like Christmas looming to act like a full stop. Somehow we have to get things finished by this important date in our lives. Poor instructions in a pattern are infuriating! I hope you get a method soon even if it is not the one intended by the writer.

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