No mojo

This year has not started out as I mean to go on. I’ve not blogged at all and that’s partly because I haven’t touched a hook or needle for weeks. I have no reasons, or even excuses; my mojo has just vanished.

The last thing I did finish was my Roses for Grandma blanket. After more than two years of working on it in dribs and drabs, I finally crossed the finish line at some point between Christmas and new year 2020. And here it is:

The pattern is (Rav link) Roses on Lace by Pat Gibbons, exscept for the forget-me-nots that I designed myself. The roses and forget-me-nots are mostly Eco Cotton yarn, with some Ricorumi for the leaves. The cream is a little bit of cotton I had leftover in my stash with no label on, but mainly Women’s Institute Soft & Smooth acrylic. And every last bit of it is infused with memories of my Grandma. I never could forget about her, but it’s comforting to have something physical that I can wrap around myself and be warmed by as I remember.



18 thoughts on “No mojo”

  1. It’s quite lovely, Hannah – but it does need to be blocked. As it’s fairly small, you could do this easily using just towels ,,
    Why don’t you come along and join in a noo thang (for you) – a Tunisian crochet CAL ? The first square landed a fortnight ago; and they’re all going to hit the Web every 2 weeks.
    Have a gink via my blog, if the idea has any appeal. 🙂


  2. What a beautiful blanket! The roses are glorious, and the perseverance! Wow (I reckon such a beautiful and detailed project would have taken me far longer, lol). Until the mojo returns, I wish you a restful and relaxing break, Hannah.:)


  3. Oooh, your blanket is gorgeous, Hannah! Congratulations on getting it finished… Now you can snuggle up and hibernate in it for a bit. That should trick your mojo into returning. Look after yourself 😊


  4. A lovely project to remind you of your Grandma! I love the colors you’ve used, and of course, the pattern. Hope you don’t fret about the mojo – we’ve all been there, and it will come back, probably with a vengeance. 😉


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