That is the ugliest effing square I’ve ever seen*

*it’s not plagiarism if you change a word, right?

I thought I had my mojo back up and running, but then I made the mistake of ignoring that little voice telling me I didn’t like what was appearing at the end of my crochet hook.

What hideous colours. But the next few rounds will fix it, won’t they?

Nope. Still hideous.

I frogged the whole thing and now it’s in the naughty corner for a while.

It’s strange that the colours I chose for the blanket all look so good together, but take out two or three of them and it can end up a disaster! I used to think I had such an eye for colour.

Well, I’ll try shuffling some around and maybe swapping some out, and see if I can get something workable. Maybe even pretty. Wish me luck.



14 thoughts on “That is the ugliest effing square I’ve ever seen*”

  1. It’s the spider veins that throws me off, and the complicated pattern. Like the saying goes, “Keep it simple stupid.” In school, we used the nicer saying, “keep it simple Simon.”

    I think you made the right choice scrapping it rather than trying to “fix” it especially when the pattern wasn’t working for you anymore.


  2. I have a strange relationship with yellow, I collect Winnie the Pooh and Minions both yellow but yellow anywhere else sits a little uncomfortable with me, it’s so weird. Don’t try to force the mojo back, pick up a book or find a new podcast or try a craft you haven’t yet had a go of. When your mojo is back I’m sure whatever you make you will love…even if it was this square.


  3. It is so easy to just put your head down and keep going even when you know all progress is in the wrong direction! What a shame it happened just when you were getting going again. I am sure something will inspire you soon and work really well.


  4. Aaah, sorry it didn’t work out… But at least yarny crafts allow you the luxury of ripping it up and starting again. And if it makes you feel any better, I ignored the inner voice for a whole cardigan recently. It’s now ripped and waiting to become a Flax sweater 😂


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