Recent happenings

Many things have happened, but I’m just going to focus on a few of them.

Firstly, I got a new job (yes,another one) and I think I might actually like it there, which I wasn’t sure would ever happen again. So yay for that!

Secondly, I feel 1/7th less silly for the last time I had to frog this sock:


I don’t know whether it’s a mistake in the pattern or it just assumes you’re actually paying attention and will adjust, but if you follow it to the letter then the heel flap does end up on the front of the sock rather than the back. It’s all sorted now and I’ll definitely be ready when I eventually get to the second sock. 

And of course I saved the best happening for last. As of last month I have an excuse to make aaaaaaaaaaaaall the tiny pretty things, because my amazing cousin had a little baby girl.

This is Phoebe:

She really is that teeny tiny! I’m definitely going to have to downsize my patterns for a wee while. 

If all goes well I should be meeting my little niece next week, so my hooks and needles are whizzing away trying to get everything finished in time to hand over. This is my first offering because babies always seem to be swamped in pastel shades and I find it terribly boring.


There will be more to come in all sorts of fun colours too. Ooh I can’t wait for some squishy baby snuggles!



16 thoughts on “Recent happenings”

  1. Good grief ! – I remember you !! 😀 How’re things in old Glasgiow ? How’re old things in Glasgow ? Hannah, you are mad. But you also have a kind heart. I’m very glad to read about the new job that you might actually like – fingers crossed.
    Your niece is going to be glad she lives up north, what with being inundated with Hannah creations. 🙂

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  2. Congratulations on the new job! Congratulations on beating the sock error! And congrats on the new family member – oh my she looks adorable and teeny tiny all squashed up! Enjoy knitting a few colourful things for her – great to go brighter and pretty! I was a bit disappointed to be asked to do grey newborn recently – the mum loved it so I guess that was ok – but the knitter in me was glad the grey was interspersed with cream to make it a little less grey!

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