Sock it to me Monday… *checks notes* number 36

Well it has been a while. I believe my brain is trying to make up for lost time because all I can think about is knitting away at my socks. 

I’ve already finished one shortie and started its partner.


And the Christmas socks have made an appearance again. Can you tell where I just gave up with the pattern?


The last few cable rounds I attempted were giving me soooo much trouble, but then I remembered that I don’t even like texture on the bottom of my socks because I tie my shoes quite tight and end up with odd patterns imprinted onto my feet. So I stopped faffing about with cables and just knit straight, and I can’t believe how fast that foot whizzed by. There’s only a toe left to do and it’s finished. 

For the second sock I might stop the cabling even earlier – they’re going to be hidden in my shoes so nobody would know anyway! Either way I’m hoping to have two pairs of finished socks to show off next week. Time to get back to it.



5 thoughts on “Sock it to me Monday… *checks notes* number 36”

  1. I have just bought the new book from Kate Davies Designs – ‘Bluestockings’ which is an unusual mix of essays about the 18th Century women who were called bluestockings because they were interested in politics, philosophy and other such ‘male’ things, and sock patterns. My fingers are itching to ditch all the other things I have on the go and knit socks! It is an addictive pastime isn’t it!?


  2. My first thought was the same as Regina Mary’s – if one sock would feel more snug if the cable sections don’t match.

    But I’m with you, Hannah, on not using cables on small projects. (Not that I’ve ever knit socks…)


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