Sock it to me Monday 37

Socks are progressing woo hooo!

I’m on the foot of my second shortie sock right now.


Buuuut I’m considering frogging the first one and redoing it. It turns out that my tension is quite different on a sock circular compared to DPNs and it doesn’t fit quite right. I love knitting socks and I love the yarn so why not!

Also I finally finished the first Christmas sock. 8th time lucky.


So far I’ve only had to cast on the second sock twice, and I’m really hoping that will be the only restart this one needs. Fingers crossed, tight.



5 thoughts on “Sock it to me Monday 37”

  1. Wouldn’t you think that as long as needles are the same size your tension would be constant – but Nooo! The tiniest change in how we knit can throw it all off. Good luck with re-doing it. It will be worth it. I knitted a couple of pairs that came out too big and have given them away because the extra fabric wrinkled inside my shoes and was uncomfortable.


  2. I feel your pain, I have a completed sock that needs to be ripped down and started over, I accidentally used size 2 DPN?! on the first one, it’s huge. I made them last winter & relly want to wear them now, so… 🧦 sigh.


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