Sock it to me Monday 39

Ah DPNs, how I missed you!

This almost-sock is the work of just two days, and it fits me like…well, like a sock. You have no idea how relieved I was when it slipped onto my foot with no problems.

At this point I think I have to admit that I’m just not a sock-circular-needle kind of person. I can see the benefits and I get why some people like them, but I shall be sticking with my trusty DPNs from now on. Especially after having a dig through my craft bag and discovering that I have at least three sets of them, which means I can have three pairs of socks in the works at a time! You know, because I really need some more items on my WIP list…



7 thoughts on “Sock it to me Monday 39”

  1. Hannah, I am— I think ‘confused’ is the right word to describe my view of this sock. I mean, I can’t see a sock in it !
    Is it maybe one of those picture puzzles that you stare at until it resolves into something you can recognize ??


  2. I recently had a go with a circular needle and found it was more faff than my trusty DPN’s. I mentioned this to another knitter who has offered to show me why she likes the circular ones so much – maybe there is a trick – we shall see. Meanwhile I will stick with what I know!

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      1. I will try to remember to blog about it if I think it works. However she is in the middle of the final write up of her PhD so I don’t think I will be able to get her to show me the trick until that is done which will be March!


  3. Your sock looks great! So glad it fits you 🙂 I don’t like tiny circulars either. Mostly I like to use two circular needles, but dpns are the way to go if I need to do them one at a time.


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