Sock it to me Monday 40

I got seriously side-tracked by charity knitting, but this week I’m back to my socks. Third time lucky, I finished the first of my shortie socks and made a start on the second one.

This time they’re fitting perfectly, hooray!



10 thoughts on “Sock it to me Monday 40”

  1. I am knitting socks too and although it is the pattern I use most it is driving me nuts and involving a lot of frogging! Good luck with yours.

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      1. They are for my son and I forgot to get him to try them on when he visited so I still do not know how long to make the feet (the pattern says ‘continue until theey are 5cm short of the tipss of the toes’!) so I have left them for now and am working on otther things.

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  2. My life has been consumed by charity knitting. I dropped off 13 hats and a dozen PICC line covers today and I’m already knitting on another hat. Poor socks. I do have a pair cast on but they are just languishing in a project bag stuffed in the back corner of my knitting basket. If we ever get some snow I’m sure that I will pull them right back out and get to work on them again.

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