The 20th day of advent calendaring

Oh man I love the colours in these five pretties! They look so good together:


I can’t believe there are only five days left, what will I do when there’s no more new yarn to open?? You know, apart from look at patterns and start making something with them all. I might just have to start thinking about next year’s advent calendar as well…



4 thoughts on “The 20th day of advent calendaring”

  1. Amber O’Brien has lots of advent patterns I used one of hers and with another advent I made a Litmus Cowl, I find the Litmus cowl an easier thing to wear than the mahoosive lace scarf I made (ADVENTuresome). There just doesn’t seem to be the right season here in Scotland for wearing a huge lace scarf. It’s too warm in summer, too bulky to hide under my coat in the rain and not warm enough in winter. I’m starting to think I should at least hang it on the wall as it will otherwise be just hidden away for ever more. I really really love opening them though. I thought next year I will get a DK one and make some nice thick stripy house or wellyboot socks. My fibre advent this year wasn’t as exciting.


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