Nearly-FO Friday 14.01.22

I can’t believe we’re at the 14th already, nearly halfway through January. Clearly this year is going to blink past like the last two.

Last month I was hoping to rattle through some of my ‘make nine’ list, but then covid (and possibly a cold on top of it) hit me and I didn’t really feel like doing much at all. Plus I ran out of yarn for my super chunky jumper and had to order more, and a sprinkling of snow on the ground meant that Royal Mail didn’t deliver it when they were supposed to. But hey, I did make a colourwork mitten so that’s that crossed off the list at least.

The jumper currently looks like this:

Either my gauge or my measuring tape went wrong somewhere because it’s more like a jumper-dress. Which I don’t entirely mind; I had something similar in alpaca yarn before it accidentally went through a hot wash and came out child-sized and felted to heck.

Now I just need to work out how on earth the sleeves fit onto the top. I’ve tried googling it but that throws up a hundred different ways to do mattress stitch, which I’m already okay with. Maybe it’s my lack of spatial awareness but I really can’t see how the shape of the sleeves is supposed to fit into the shape of the arm holes, and I’m afraid to just have a go and find out because this yarn is like velcro and I could get in an awful mess trying to undo it if I go wrong (speaking from experience here). Any suggestions?

I’m not sure I like making my jumpers in pieces. Although I might be willing to give it another go with a slightly less awkward yarn. We’ll see how this one turns out before I give up on the idea completely.



8 thoughts on “Nearly-FO Friday 14.01.22”

  1. It isn’t so bad once you do it. This is how I do it: sew fronts and back together. Then mark halfway though the hole for the sleeves on the body. From there mark quarters. Do the same with your sleeves. Just make sure you match up the quarter and half markers as you sew and you should be fine. It is totally normal to yell “I am a motherfucking magician” as you get to the point where it makes sense.

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  2. Unlike the previous reply, I think the easiest way to insert sleeves is to join the front and back across the shoulders then match the top of the sleeves to the arm holes and sew in place then sew a continuous seam from the hem up the sides then along the sleeve seam to the wrist on both sides. I have used mattress stitch and if you can see the stitches easily it is a good method but putting right sides together and oversewing the edges works as well.

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  3. Both of the above would work. I would pin all the seams first so you get the hang of what goes where and know what you are doing before stitching – pins are easy to undo and have another go.

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  4. I’ve sewn sleeves just once and liked the outcome–I used mildlygranola’s method too. I’m not especially keen on doing it again, though, so I just convert such patterns to set-in ones.

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  5. I totally agree with Rainbow Junkie, shoulder seams first, fit in sleeve (knitted flat) then continuous stitching from cuff to hem. It’s much easier to adjust jumper width if it’s too wide this way. I’ve taken out entire sleeves, re knitted them to correct size and re hand sewn them back, believe me, in the end you’ll be much happier and actually wear it.

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