The Sock Update

I really thought that having a job 6 minutes away from home would leave me sooo much more time for blogging. But here I am heading toward my 9-month review and I haven’t posted a single word for months. Shame.

Of course I’ve still been crafting; it’s just getting the mojo to blog about it that seems to be the problem. It doesn’t help that this job is causing me constant, massive anxiety, but that’s a story for another day.

I’m still addicted to sock knitting so that’s mostly what I’ve been making. I use a Franken-pattern of 76 stitches, as many 1×1 ribbed rows as I can be bothered with, an integrated heel from this Basic Sock pattern, and a rounded toe from Rose City Rollers. They fit my Hobbit feet really well so I always stick to that, with one exception.   During Pride month, two self-striping rainbow sock yarn skeins fell into my stash (completely by accident!) and I really wanted to keep the stripes even down the whole sock, so I decided to have a go at my first afterthought heel.   I’m off work this week so hopefully I’ll have enough free brain space to get them done.


Before I disappeared, I was plugging away at some colourwork socks that I thought were going really well. Then I lay the two socks next to each other.


Sock 1 was completed when I had a job all lined up with two weeks of freedom before my first day. Sock 2 was started when that job fell through and I was back on the hunt again. Stress really does affect my gauge.  I also realised I was going to run out of yellow yarn before the end of the second toe, so I’ve frogged both of them back a bit ready to do a black toe rather than yellow. I shall try thinking lots of calm thoughts when I attempt the colourwork section again.

 And here are all the socks I’ve finished since my last Sock it to me Monday post:

20221103_1237274890148407908115931I think this was a skein from Emma at Puddleside Musings , but don’t quote me on that. The colours reminded me of Irn Bru, which is the Fiancé’s favourite drink so I gave the socks to him.


20221103_1213044738378915358715452This was one of the first hand-dyed skeins I ever got. Because I’d never worked with a skein like that before, my attempt to cake it was horrendous and I ended up having to cut it and re-join several times (also not pretty). They’re so scruffy I’m just going to keep them for myself.


20221103_1155188009722955569593664I got an email from a yarn shop (I forget which one) that mentioned Onion Nettle sock yarn. I instantly imagined smelly, prickly socks so I just had to take a closer look. Turns out Onion is the brand name, and obviously they don’t put the stinging part of nettles into the yarn; it just gives the strength that usually comes from nylon and such. Two balls of the most beautiful purple just fell into my basket so I had to buy them.  I’m still deciding whether I will keep these or give them to the Fiancé. It’s so handy that we have the same size feet!




8 thoughts on “The Sock Update”

  1. Welcome back!! I have also been lacking in the blog mojo department. Your socks are all darling- particularly helpful that you and tour partner have the same sized feet. You can make them a gift and know it’s going to fit!!!


  2. Damned good to know you’re still around, Hannah ! – AND The Fiancé, of course. 😀
    You really must do something other than socks. Not sure why; maybe just because I’m bored with socks (which I can’t make, so it’s jealousy !).
    Stress you don’t need: a job you do. What a pickle !!


  3. I have a ball of that Onion yarn in blue. I haven’t used it yet. Why don’t you wear your yellow and black socks mismatched? You could say you did it on purpose. Sorry to hear about your massive anxiety job. That’s why I had to leave mine. I’ve lost my mojo to log and knit, but I think I might be getting back into it.


  4. Nice to see you back in blogsville. My husband would have a much better chance of me knitting him socks if he has my small feet. Mind you at 6” he may look odd with size 3 feet 😂. Your socks look great. I have some undyed nettle fibre to blend or spin, I’ll be interested to see how well you feel the Onion yarn copes with wear.


  5. Welcome back! That is a lot of socks! Sorry to hear your job is stressful and I can see how it would change your tension – tense woman, tense knitting! I haven’t come across an ‘afterthought heel’ and will have to look that up.


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