It’s taken almost a whole year, but last week I finally got an idea for using up the yarn from my 2021 advent calendar.   I’m going to make an advent sock! (Rav link)

There are 12 stripes per sock, so my plan is to do the cuffs beforehand, knit one stripe of one sock every day in December (plus the heels whenever I get to them), and finish up with the toes on Christmas day. I’m really looking forward to it.

So far I’ve arbitrarily divided the skeins into pairs of one red/purple with one blue/green, but I know there will be some shoogling before I decide on the final pairings. I do know that I’m going to switch the main colour with each stripe e.g. stripe 1 will be red with blue details, stripe 2 will be blue with red details and so on, just to make sure the stripes are defined.

I’m dithering over switching the main colour between the two socks as well, so that one will look like a negative of the other. Decisions, decisions… If you want a laugh, here are the terrible drawings I made to help me decide:


After using one advent skein in my colourwork socks, I have 24 left for the stripes. I don’t think they will be enough to cover the cuffs, heels, and toes as well (they’re only 10g each), so I’m going to use up some leftover Mothy and the Squid yarn I have lying around for those bits. They’re all dark grey shades, which I think will make the colourful stripes pop even more.

So, I’ll get another yarn-themed advent calendar (of sorts), I’ll work all my advent yarn into one project (which is what I really wanted), and I’ll get some scrap yarn out of my stash in the process. What a project!




5 thoughts on “Advent”

  1. sounds like a plan. I aso think you’ll be surprised with how far each 10g goes. When you think about it, 100g is usually enough to knit a pair of socks. If you’ve got 24 x 10g balls, that’s more tan enough to knit TWO pairs of socks!


  2. That is a really good idea Hannah. Don’t apologise for your doodles – they are’nt mant to be works of art just a way to try out ideas. I can’t draw well either but who cares if it helps me make sense of what is in my head? Do show us pictures of the finished socks.


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