Advent socks day 1

It’s all working out with this project. The yarn is a bit thicker than my usual sock yarn so I’ve gone up to 2.75mm DPNs, of which I own enough to have both socks on the go at once.  I did consider learning how to do two-at-a-time socks, but (as far as I can understand) that means knitting the same row on both socks before you can move on to the next row so I wouldn’t be able to do just one stripe on one sock each day.  I’m definitely adding the technique to my To Do List for next year though.

The ribbing flew off my needles for once so I was all ready to get going on the colourwork this morning. It’s so addictive I ended up taking it to work with me so I could get a few rows done on my break. 

It doesn’t look like much right now because the whole thing keeps rolling up, but hopefully once I get a few more stripes done it will show itself properly.

I’m so glad I held onto these mini skeins long enough for my brain to have such a good idea!




4 thoughts on “Advent socks day 1”

  1. So technically you could position your needles for two at a time where you could knit one complete stripe in one sock but it wouldn’t be ideal at all from a needle position and speedy knitting, so using the DPNs sounds a better fit. I am excited to see how it all progresses.

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