Happy Hogmanay!

I can’t remember if I bothered with new year resolutions this year. It probably seemed pointless back then, when it still felt like ‘normal’ could never happen again.  Next year I want to do something a bit different, but still resolution-ish. 

There are some habits I want to create (or revive) and I plan to do that by working on one habit for three months before introducing the next. In the past I have tended to attack everything I want to change all at once, which obviously fails every time because it’s exhausting. This way will hopefully get the habits to really stick before I try adding in anything else:

  1. Get back to running every week – the plan was to start this up again last month, but then I broke my toe and that was that out the window for 4-6 weeks. It feels okay now so this is the first habit I’m going to work on.
  1. Get enough sleep – I am so tired of being tired. But I’m also an expert revenge bedtime procrastinator. I know full well that I’m only scrolling Tiktok because if I go to sleep that will make tomorrow (and work) come quicker, and I still can’t make myself stop til silly o’clock in the morning.  Getting a job that doesn’t cause massive anxiety would help with this, but job-hunting has to be pushed down the list of priorities for now so I’m planning other ways to help myself turn off social media and step away from the phone.  
  1. Eat more fruits and veggies – With not getting enough sleep I’m usually starving by the time I get home from work, and I do tend to grab crisps or breakfast biscuits as a snack. I’m going to work on having some more nutritious snacks readily available (think carrot sticks) so it takes as little effort to grab them as a packet of crisps.

My theory is that these will all feed into each other, making it easier to cement them into my life as permanent changes. Running should tire me out so I can sleep better, if I sleep better I might be able to grab an apple instead of craving cookie dough, and then eating and sleeping better should give me more energy for running. Win-win-win!

 There are also some fixed goals that I’ll probably be working on all year: to finally get a mortgage and buy our own place, to set a date for our wedding (maybe even start some planning!), and to enter my first powerlifting competition.  

Of the three, I feel closest to achieving the competition at the moment. But that might just be because I’m still 17 years old in my head and owning a house and being married seem like terribly Grown Up things.

As for crafting goals, I’m keeping it short. Learn how to knit socks two at a time, make a Fair Isle jumper, and keep track of how much stash I use. Simple.

I hope you all have a happy new year, and that 2023 brings all the lovely things you deserve!





10 thoughts on “Happy Hogmanay!”

  1. Carrot sticks are very commendable, Hannah; but they won’t stave off hunger pangs (unless you eat a sack-full). Find, as well, a good, low-carb hummus and use the carrot sticks as a spoon. THAT will be both noble and practical. 😀


  2. That is a lot to aim for but you have worked out how you are going to do it so I have faith in you achieving most of it. Lots of luck and do tell us how you get on. As to the things that seem ‘grown up’ the house can be as playful as you like – in fact it is easier when there is no landlord or letting agent breathing down your neck. And getting married doesn’t have to change your relationship with your fiance unless you choose to let it.


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