WIP Wednesday 04.01.23


I got into a rhythm and forgot to try it on, so I’m just sticking with this size. If it doesn’t fit I’ll give it away, and if I run out of yarn then I’ll just have to buy more and that’s never a hardship.

Teddy ear bonnet

I have absolutely no concept of how big babies are. I made this bonnet once and the Fiancé suggested it might be a bit too small, so I frogged it and I’m now making a larger size with a larger hook. Hopefully it will end up a wearable size.

Hedgehog 2

I’m determined to get this hedgehog finished by the end of next week. I wasn’t too pleased with the first one so I’ll see what I can do to make this one look a little cuter.

Advent socks

These were not finished for Hogmanay, obviously. It’s a bit hard to tell with no heel in yet but I think they might need an extra stripe added on to fit my Hobbit feet, so I need to decide which stripe to repeat.

Rainbow socks

These still need their afterthought heels. I can’t seem to get over the fear of cutting into my knitting – it just feels so wrong!

Black + yellow socks


After a good long stint in the naughty corner, I’m ready to face these again. Not only was my tension way off on the second sock, I’d also missed a decrease round after the heel turn so there was a whole extra motif in there. I’ve frogged it right back to the heel so I can fix the mistake and hopefully by the time I get back to the colourwork I shall be nice and relaxed again.




15 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday 04.01.23”

  1. I don’t know if I have the courage for an afterthought heel either. But I have steeked a sweater. I guess it’s a little different since the steek is made to be cut and you reinforce with sewing. Good luck!

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  2. I had never heard of an afterthought heel until you posted about it! Sounds scary! Everything you knit will fit somebody even if it is not the person you had in mind.

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  3. Your projects all look great! I have done afterthought heels, but the ones where you knit in that other strand of yarn that you can take out and then pick up the stitches on both sides and knit from there. I have steeked sweaters a couple of times, but I would be afraid to do socks, I think.

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