Harry Potter and the Whirl Blanket

You may remember that at some point during a lockdown (the second one, I think) The Fiancé bought me a surprise Scheepjes Whirl. It has been sitting in my stash awaiting a ‘worthy’ project ever since, and I think I’ve found it.

My sister got me this book last year. For some reason I looked through it, picked out a few patterns I would love to make, then stuck it on my bookshelf and did nothing with it. But over Christmas and new year the Order of the Phoenix blanket kept popping into my head.

Ravelry: Order of the Phoenix Lace-Knit Throw Blanket pattern by ...

Isn’t it pretty! I’m hoping it will show off the gradient of the Whirl as well.

The pattern is marked as “3 lightning bolt” difficulty (I think the scale is 1 – 3), but it’s got charts and written instructions so if I’m struggling with one I can use the other to help me out. I reckon I’m up to the challenge.

I’m excited to get going with this one!




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