Stash diving

I always have too many WIPs on the go. Always. One of the reasons for this is my disorganised stash and supplies; I have a dig to look for a particular yarn/hook/circular needles, and various skeins jump out at me as being perfect for X project or just too beautiful to ignore any longer. So I pull them out, get started, and add even more projects to my list.

Bonny gave me an idea to help with this. Yesterday I took out my whole stash mountain and grabbed whatever appealed to me most, then I matched them to relevant patterns, and caked them so they’re ready to go. With labels, because I know my memory.


So now I can wrangle my WIP list down to a more sensible number, then just grab the next ready-to-go project and start. No stash-diving required, so no getting distracted!

The only problem now is resisting the urge to start them all immediately…




11 thoughts on “Stash diving”

  1. Sounds like a good plan. I’ve got my Ravelry queue with yarns attached to the projects…and have caked up ready my next jumper and printed the pattern…but just the one ‘next project’ prepped. I like your idea though, good luck resisting the urge to cast them all on.

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    1. There’s a sock kit that my brother bought for me, Easy Peasy knitted gloves, a Sacre Coeur shawl, and a Love Note jumper. I also want to make some Selbu mittens, but I’m still playing with colour options so they’re not ready to go yet.

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