Be careful what you wish for

Earlier this week I was frustrated after having to frog the Whirl blanket for ar least the sixth time. I thought, if only I could have a chunk of time with no distractions to really focus on it and get past whatever silly mistake I was making.

At the end of that work day my manager told me they were letting me go, effective immediately. Suddenly, I have all the time in the world.

I am so disappointed that the house/wedding will likely have to wait even longer now, and I’m not looking forward to interviews or being the newbie AGAIN, but I have to say this is the least anxious I’ve been for months and months.

Plus I’m now onto the text part of the Whirl blanket, with no more than a few stitches needing to be tinked along the way. Bright side.




18 thoughts on “Be careful what you wish for”

      1. You’ve had so many more than your fair share of job shutdowns: were I a believer I would pray you have a lengthy turn of really good luck. I wish you that, dear Hannah !


  1. So sorry to hear that yopu lost the job but glad you are feeling relaxed about it. Good luck finding another and enjoy your time to be creative.

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