WIP Wednesday 15.02.23

So it’s been almost a month since I had a job and the days are starting to blur together. I’m very proud of myself for realising that today is Wednesday in time to get a blog post done!

Aside from a baby bonnet with teddy bear ears (that I forgot to take a photo of), I’ve been working exclusively on my Harry Potter and the Whirl blanket these last few weeks. It currently looks like a jellyfish.


Thankfully, there have been no more mistakes that required frogging and starting all over again. The wordy section went smoothly apart from some SSKs that should have been K2TOGs and vice versa – annoying to me, but not wrong enough to go all the way back and fix them.


There was also one point where I had to tink back around 1,500 stitches because I had messed up a pattern repeat three rounds previously. That wasn’t fun. But it’s back on track now and I actually think I’m getting close to the end. Thanks to being jobless, I’m going to finish this beauty much earlier than expected.

I can’t wait to see how it looks laid out flat.




8 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday 15.02.23”

  1. I’m glad you have something to fill the days while you job hunt and it is going to be fabulous. Good luck with finishing it and with finding work.


  2. Looks lovely! How have you found the shlubs at the whirl colour changes in your knitting? Are they obvious in the row for this pattern? I gave up on a circular knitted blanket because I couldn’t deal with the shlubs.


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