Sock it to me Monday 43

I may have been knitting a bit too much over the last week, judging by the ache in my left shoulder, but how am I supposed to stop when I can see these amazing socks appearing on the needles?


Please excuse the terrible night-time photo, I’ve been searching for a job all day.

Although I’m not overly fond of yellow itself, bright pops of colour against black is one of my favourite combos of all time so that’s another level of enjoyment added to this already-very-enjoyable knit.

I was trying to race through the foot to get to the last colourwork bit but I’ve still got a few centimetres to go (and the sore shoulder) so who knows how long it will be before I get to wear my first colourwork socks out in the wild. I still can’t wait!




Sock it to me Monday 18

This time the rollers fit me – hooray!!


I’m half glad I had to restart, because I LOVE the look of the blue cuff and toe. Even with the little splodges of colour they were a bit too plain for my liking on the first go.

Of course I’m already planning my next pair of socks, which I think will be another pair of shorties, but with ribbing instead of a roll-top. I already can’t wait to get started!