Advent socks – not finished

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas, and you’re enjoying this weird period of time when nobody knows what day it is.

The advent socks were going entirely to plan, until day 23. On the first try the patterns were not quite matching up; I thought I must have messed up the count on the first row so I tinked back and tried again. Same result so back I went. The third try still didn’t quite feel right, but I kept going (as you do) until the final round. At this point I decided to count the stitches and found that I was missing one.

Both socks then went into the naughty corner for a few days and I got on with Christmas.

Last night I looked back and realised that the missing stitch had been dropped on the previous stripe, and I hadn’t noticed because it was such a simple pattern that still looked like it lined up properly. Gutted. For fear of that one loose stitch laddering down and undoing the whole sock, I stuck some needles into the last correct stripe, ripped out the two wrong stripes, and started them again.


The diagonal stripe pattern went as easily as last time (with the correct stitch count all the way through) and I’m now working my way through this final stripe hopefully for the final time.

If I don’t mess up anything else these might be finished in time for Hogmanay!




Advent socks day 19+20

Please excuse today’s particularly poor photo quality; I had the gym straight after work so by the time I got home, ate, showered, and knitted a stripe it was pitch black outside.

But hey, I got my deadlift up to 130kg and my bench to 65kg so it was worth it!

Also only two more stripes per sock to go – the end is in sight.



Advent socks day 11-14

This past weekend was so busy that I fell behind with my socks. The good thing about socks though is that they’re quite small so catching up was easy!

I’ve finished the chart for the legs, put in a row of scrap yarn for a forethought heel (which I’ve never heard of before) and done the first stripe of the feet.

They very much need a good blocking, but I know they’ll be gorgeous when I’m finished.



Advent socks day 5 +6

Eeh these two stripes were a struggle. You probably can’t tell, but the pattern is snowflakes.

Believe it or not this is an improvement on the first set of colours, which looked very different as separate balls but almost identical when knitted up. The ‘magic’ of colour.

The snowflakes are a bit clearer in real life so I’m happy with them, while also being delighted that there are no more wishy washy grey skeins to choose from the box.

Tomorrow’s pattern is acorns. All in one colour, that won’t be brown. Things could get very interesting before I’m done with these socks.