Are you annoyed?

Karen’s latest quiz is about being annoyed and oh, I could write a whole book. But for now I’ll just stick to answering the questions.

What is your biggest fault that you care to admit to?

There are so many to choose from! The one that’s bugged me most the last couple of years is that I automatically assume people aren’t interested in me and don’t want to speak to me, so I leave them alone unless they initiate a conversation. I know this makes me come across as stuck up and rude, but I just can’t seem to stop it.

Is there something you have to do that really annoys you? Maybe you would never do it again if you could?

At the moment I would say having to go to work. Being on furlough for so long, and now being unemployed, has given me a lot of time to think about it. I know there are some people who love their job and they would keep doing it regardless of pay, but the majority of us are stuck having to go to work, doing something we would really rather not, for the majority of our lives, just so we can keep living. What a rubbish system.

But also washing up. It is never EVER finished!

When it comes to your crafting, what is the thing about it that annoys you the most?

I don’t even have to think about this one – sewing in ends. I’ve spent hours or days or even months on this beautiful item and it’s finally finished!! Except it’s not, because I have to faff about with a needle and try to get the ends secure without adding big lumps or messing up the look of whatever I’ve made. Can’t stand it.

Does your significant other annoy you at times? What annoyance about them would you change?

Of course, we’re both human.

It might sound weird, but I would change the way he always defers to me. Back when I was working full days and got home pretty tired, I didn’t want to have to decide what we would eat, what to watch on TV, whether or not we would go for a walk etc. Sometimes I just want to flop down with my knitting and let things happen without having to make any decisions.

The whole Covid pandemic has been difficult. What has annoyed you the most? Is there something that others have complained about that you find is a positive?

The main thing that has annoyed me so far is the many and creative ways people have found to wear a mask wrong. I don’t know why, but the sight of a nose poking up over the top of a mask just gets under my skin.

I’m actually enjoying a few things that other people have complained about. Staying at home with the Boyfriend and my yarn is one of my favourite things. Yes, I miss my choirs very much, but other than that I am perfectly fine with staying at home away from other people.¬† The 2-metre rule is heaven, as feeling crowded tends to set off my anxiety. And I love wearing a face mask when I have to go shopping. I’ve always grabbed any excuse to wear a mask, or even paint my face, because I love the way it makes me feel. Almost like hiding, which feels safer for some reason. So I whip that mask on and feel like I could take on the whole supermarket if I had to.


Phew I feel better for getting that lot off my chest. Feel free to join in if you like, either with a comment or a post of your own.