Happy blogiversary to me

3 yrs

WordPress informs me that today is my 3-year blogiversary. I can’t believe I’ve been waffling at the internet for 3 years already!

I was just thinking the other day how this didn’t quite turn out the way I expected when I first started (because neither did my Etsy shop), but I can’t say I’m sad about where it’s ended up.



Giveaway winner

I honestly didn’t forget that I was supposed to announce the winner of my giveaway at the end of February. Honest. But I did forget that the 28th was the day before I travelled back home and that packing is really quite stressful.

Then everything was a mad whirlwind that is only just starting to settle down now. One thing I can say for jetlag – I’ve never got to sleep so quickly in my life, it’s magic!

I’ve decided I’m still not going to reveal what the prize is (I just love surprising people too much!) until the winner receives it, but I will give you a hint. It’s something useful as well as beautiful, and it contains a bit of paua shell.

Paua shell
Aren’t they gorgeous


So I’ve totted up everyone who liked and commented on the post and there are 13 entrants, my favourite number 😀 I plugged them in to random.org and let it do its random thing.

And now, the moment you’ve all probably forgotten about because it’s taken me so long to sort my life out: the giveaway winner is…




Karen of Nothing But Knit!


Congratulations!! Drop me a message with your address and I’ll get your prize sent out to you this weekend 🙂


Sorry to everyone who didn’t win, but there will be more giveaways in the future so there will be more chances for sure.

Thanks for playing!



Giveaway time!

Today is my one year blogiversary, yaaaay! Gosh that went quickly. I’ve loved every post, every comment I’ve received, and every friend I’ve made so far. Here’s to many more years, posts, and especially friends.

I’m going to do a giveaway to celebrate, and I bet you want to know what the prize is, don’t you?

Well… I actually don’t know yet!  I’m about to go on my travels to New Zealand, and while I’m there I’ll be keeping my eyes open for something lovely to get as a prize.  Remembering all the beautiful things I saw last time, I think I’ll struggle to decide on just one thing!

So if you want to enter my Mystery Blogiversary Giveaway, here’s what you have to do:

  1. Live on the Earth (yep, anywhere as long as you have a postal address)
  2. Like this post
  3. Leave a comment telling me where in the world you would visit, if money were no object
  4. Do steps 1-3 by February 27th

That’s two weeks for you guys to enter and for me to find something I know you’ll love. Everyone who enters will be assigned a number, then on the 28th I’ll use a random number generator to pick a winner and announce them right here.

Eeeeh I’m excited already.

Thank you everyone for welcoming me into the crafty blogging family, and good luck to you!