Blogville Knitters Challenge: My favourite make

This challenge is from Karen at Nothingbutknit – feel free to join in!

I’m pretty certain my favourites are going to change over time, as I (hopefully) have many years of makes to come, and I’m constantly improving and developing.

But as of right this very second, I am still most proud of my first Lego blanket.


That is definitely my crowning crochet achievement. I never get tired of showing people photos of it! I made it for my Dad’s birthdaybecause Lego always reminds me of him, I designed the bricks, the layout, and the border all by myself, and I used up a hell of a lot of stash to make it. I’m happy every time I see it again.

Another particular favourite of mine is the needle felted bunny rabbit I made at an I Sew 2 workshop last year.


I had never needle felted before and it surprised me how well it turned out – it actually looks how I pictured it in my head!

So they’re my favourites, what are yours?




FO Friday 20.07.18

I think I’ve finished my bunny blanket this week. I’m undecided about the lack of facial features.

Half of me thinks it’s cute, the other half is worried that it looks a bit scary.

But I’m so pleased I managed to sort out my maths and make it a ripple blanket rather than the 5-pointed star. And that the head is now exactly what I imagined when I started. Totally worth the frogging!

What do you think? Is the face cute or creepy? Let me know in the comments!



WIP Wednesday 18.07.18

Current WIP count: 7

Do you ever ignore that nagging little voice in your head, just to regret it later? That happened with my bunny lovey.

The head wasn’t quite as round and cute as I planned, but I told myself I could make it work, it would look better when it was stuffed, blah blah and so I carried on. I wanted it to be a ripple blanket, but somehow I couldn’t make the maths work and I ended up with a 5-pointed star blanket.

It wasn’t terrible, and I’m sure my friend would have loved it however it turned out, but I got more and more dissatisfied every time I worked on it. Eventually I got to this point:

And couldn’t do it any more. I frogged the whole lot and started again.

It was frustrating, and my wrist wasn’t too happy at having to do all that tiny tight amigurumi all over again, but now I’m so much happier with it and I can’t wait to hand it over to my friend.

Now the main part is finished, I’ve made the ears and the plug for the base of the head, and all that’s left to do is give it a cute face and sew everything together. I should be done this week.

Progress was much smoother with the bootees. They’re now done, aside from sewing the buttons on. I guess I’ll need a button sewing session one day this week to get these and the dragon scale pair finished.

I gave them cream soles to match the border on the lovey, and a beige trim to match the inner part of bunny’s ears. I want it to be suuuuper obvious that these are a matching set

The long weekend meant I did get to work on my wee dragon, but I hit a couple of snags. The first is that I ran out of the main colour when I was halfway through a piece. I improvised a little and switched in the yellow from the wing pieces. Now the large horns will be green and yellow, and the little horns will be all yellow.

My next problem is the wings.

Do they look like wings to you? Because they don’t look like wings to me. They’re double layered and I had to make the stupid things seven times just to get four the same shape, and they still don’t work.

Not sure what the problem is but I know I’m not using these. Maybe I’ll just admit defeat and bin the wings – make him a drake rather than a dragon and hope nobody notices.

So that’s been my somewhat frustrating week. How’s everyone else doing? Is your work going smoothly? Let me know in the comments!



FO Friday 27.10.17

If you’re reading this then I’m in Budapest!

Hopefully. If my scheduling actually works this time…

So I managed to finish both blankies in time for posting! They should be merrily on their way now.

This one here is for the eldest twin

And this is for the younger.

I really hope they like them. My friend is very good at sharing photos of the girls so hopefully I’ll get to see my lovies with their lovely owners.

What do you think? Which is your favourite? Let me know in the comments!



WIP Wednesday 25.10.17

Current WIP count: 5

You know I said I was following a pattern for these blankies? I lied.

The bunny head is pretty much as per, but that’s it. The Red Heart pattern has the bunny at the corner of a square blanket and I realised I prefer them with the character in the middle. But instead of faffing about looking for a different pattern I decided to make it up as I went.

Of course making the blanket triangle-shaped was a conscious decision, thoroughly planned out. Nothing to do with me not realising that 18 doesn’t divide easily into 4. Nothing at all.

I could have frogged back and removed a row of decrease on the head so it could be square, but you know I’m in a rush (2 days til they need posting!) and I think being triangular makes them more unique. That’s what I keep telling myself, anyway.

Right now I don’t have an updated photo of the bunny blankie (I’ll see if I can add one in later), but it’s about the same length as this one.

Honestly, I’m not sure what animal this is supposed to be. I just went with a round head and some teddy bear type ears. It’s cute; that’ll do me.

All the fiddly amigurumi bits are finished now and granny stitch goes super quickly, so I’m sure I can get these finished on time. Well, as long as I don’t keep having issues with my Caron Cakes.

So far I’ve had one bit where the yarn had frayed and was barely holding on by one strand, one bit where the colour runs were ridiculously short (and the lighter coloured bits were much thinner than the rest), and one big chunk of this colour:

Is it grey? Is it brown? I can’t decide. But it is definitely nasty and I had to cut it out. That’s three lots of grafting together I had to do in just half of one cake. It might be time for a strongly worded letter to Caron.

Keep your fingers crossed that I can finish them both in time! What’s everyone else working on? Having any yarny problems like me? Let me know in the comments!