A perfect cast on??

Guys, you’ll never guess what just happened!

I started another sock (surprise, surprise) with my usual long tail cast on, but I got the remaining tail the right length ON MY FIRST TRY!!

It’s not a stubby little centimetre threatening to unravel everything if I look at it funny. It’s not so long that I could knit a whole mini sock out of it. I hit the goldilocks spot. Which of course I have to share because it’ll probably never happen again.

But for now I’m just enjoying the feeling of accomplishment.





That’s almost what I said when I realised that I’d added in some extra stitches to the panel of my Flax Light. About 10 rounds ago.

I know the sensible advice I would probably give someone else – Nobody will notice when you’re wearing it. That just makes it more unique. And so on.

But I’m not taking my advice right now. I think I used up all my ‘ignore the mistakes’ energy on the missed purl rows, and I just can’t leave this one be.

So please pardon my French while I sit here tinking rows and rows of work because of one silly mistake.

Oh well, at least I noticed now and not when it was all done and blocked!



Size matters (but not how you think)

Now I’ve got that song stuck in my head. Time to dig out my Natasha Bedingfield CD…

Anyway, I’m talking about cable size.

My Flax Light was on a 30 inch cable, which was beginning to worry me; I’m a good deal bigger than 30 inches but the knitting wasn’t completely bunched up on the cable like there was too much of it. And it kind of looked a weird shape. What if I was doing it wrong? What if I was spending weeks and weeks on something that would never fit me in a million years?

Then when I was knitting away at choir last week, I had the following exchange:

– Ooh that’s a lovely colour! What are you making?

– It’s going to be a jumper.

– A little kiddie jumper? Oh yes, it’s so small and cute.


But then I tried moving it across to my 60 inch cable, fully prepared to whip it back to the 30 if it ended up stretched to breaking point, and wonder of wonders it actually looks like the top of a jumper!

Plus it fits on there with a little stretch. I’m also a good deal smaller than 60 inches so it looks like this thing is going to fit me. I almost can’t believe it!

I was flagging a wee bit at the thought of having to make another 15 inches at least in this tiny yarn (why did I not go for the aran weight version??), but now it feels real and I’m really going to get a jumper out of this, suddenly I can’t stop working on it.

Will I finish in April? I doubt it, but I’m certainly willing to give it a go. The (sort of) good thing about living in Scotland is I’ll likely be able to wear my jumper for 11 months of the year. There’s no rush to get it finished before summer because we very rarely have one!



WIP Wednesday 26.09.18

Current WIP count: 6

I’m such a slow knitter. This is where I was up to last time with my Hitchhiker.


And this is what it looks like now, two weeks later.


That’s after spending about 95% of my crafting time on it, just to give you an idea of how very slow I am. It’s definitely time for some crochet, maybe a wee easy amigurumi, so I can feel like a speedy crafter again.

My skirt is now about as long as my palm so it’s really more of a belt at the moment. I’ll get there. Eventually.

What’s everyone else working on this week? Let me know in the comments!



WIP Wednesday + international crochet day 12.09.18

Current WIP count: 6

I hope everyone’s having a happy international crochet day (which I just found out about today)!

I actually don’t have much crochet progress to share this week; I’ve mostly been plugging away at my hitchhiker. I must reach the start of the colour change in this yarn soon.

The skirt is a couple of rows longer, and starting to feel like it’s going to take forever. Of course it would go much faster if I worked on it consistently, but oh well!

So who’s crocheting today? Got any WIPs to share? Let me know in the comments!



FO Friday 11.05.18

Ooh just sneaking in before midnight.

Here’s a picture of my finished Whimsy Cowl, although I do still need to block it:


I am loving the two colours together, that was definitely the right choice to make. It might look a wee bit of a messy transition right now, but I’m hoping that blocking will make it show up properly. We shall see.

Any tips on blocking 100% alpaca? I’m very scared of spoiling it!



FO Friday 09.02.18

I managed to finish two goodies this week, neither of which are much use today as it’s gloriously sunny in Glasgow!

First up, I finally finished my swirl hat


I’d been putting it off for a wee while because I’d reached the point where there were too few stitches for my circular needles and I needed to switch to DPNs. I’ve never used DPNs before. But if you don’t try, you never learn, and the hat is just for me so totally messing it up wouldn’t have been a disaster.

I think my DPNs were too big (they aren’t labelled) because there were some pretty big gaps between my stitches when I finished. But I fixed them as best I could when sewing in the end and they’re not too noticeable. Aside from that it was really quite simple, I should have just picked them up sooner!

The other item is my lovely Tunisian scarf. I must say I was a little worried when I finished and had the most curled-up scarf ever, but of course blocking did it’s magic thing.


You can see that the end really wants to keep curling though. I did find a solution to this for future makes, which I’ll tell you about tomorrow.

I got a wee bit cross with the yarn when this one un-dyed section appeared halfway through the skein.


But it’s grown on me and now I just see it as a unique feature of this particular scarf.

Would that one odd stripe put you off the scarf? Who else has some FOs to share? Let me know in the comments!



WIP Wednesday 07.02.18

Current WIP count: 5

I managed to cross some WIPs off my list over the weekend, so of course I started a couple more!

Having learned a raft of new Tunisian skills on Saturday, I’ve decided to embark on my first proper item of clothing; a long-sleeved top.

There’s not much to show yet, just the start of one sleeve

Because I’m me and I just love to run as soon as I can walk, I’m making it a rainbow top. You can see that the first section is pink and purple, and I’ve just started the next section which will be purple and blue. The one after that will be blue and green, and so on.

These are the colours I’ll be using

In reverse order because the sleeves are done from the cuff up.

I also started another tube hat, just for something simple to do at choir and on the subway. It’s basic knitting in a rather dull grey colour so no photos yet. I might crochet a bright flower and sew it on, give it a pop of colour.

So that’s what I’m working on. How’s everyone’s week going so far? What are you working on? Let me know in the comments!



WIP Wednesday 17.01.18

Current WIP count: 5

I hit a major snag with my swirl hat last week. I made a mistake, probably while I was watching The Flash finale, which would have been fine if I’d sorted it immediately.

But of course, I didn’t notice it until five or six rounds later

That stitch right there was where I went wrong. It doesn’t look too bad here, but the further round it went the more it threw the spirals out of alignment.

So I had to tink back five or six rounds, with yarn that seems to be 80% velcro and 20% stubbornness. Argh!

The good news is I did manage to fix it, and I’m now much more aware of mistakes as and when I make them.

The less good news is that I have very little to show for a week’s progress

Last week


This week (isn’t lighting funny!)


Oh well, at least I’m back on track now.

How’s everyone else doing? Got some fun WIPs to share? Let me know in the comments!



WIP Wednesday 10.01.18

Current WIP count: 6

I’m still plugging away at my swirl hat, and I looooove the way the colours are coming out.

Isn’t it pretty! There’s another stripe of green and yellow coming up and I’m excited to get it in there. I know, simple things 😉

I’ve also started another virus shawl with my sparkly blue yarn.

It’s really interesting repeating a pattern after several months have passed. I made my first virus shawl back in July last year and I didn’t exactly struggle with it, but there were several points where I wasn’t entirely sure of myself.

There were times I wasn’t sure which stitch I should be working into so I had to count them, for every single repeat of every single row. I had to keep the chart near me at all times so I could check what I was doing every 5 minutes. No wonder it took me so long!


Fast forward to today, and I’m wondering how I ever struggled. It seems glaringly obvious which stitch I’m supposed to be working, and I’m racing along with barely a glance at the chart.   It’s great to have actual proof that I’m improving!


This one has a deadline so I’ll be focussing on it until it’s finished, and then I’ll get on with finishing my swirl hat (and everything else on my WIP list. Ahem).

That’s what I’m working on this week! How’s your week going? Got some WIPs to share? Let me know in the comments!



WIP Wednesday 03.01.18

And happy 100th post to me!

Current WIP count: 5

Remember the Drops yarn I got in my secret santa parcel


I just couldn’t resist starting something with it so I plugged the weight and yardage in to Ravelry, and had a look through the free patterns that came up.

You’d think it would take hours, dithering over all the beautiful things to make, but as soon as I saw the Swirl Hat I knew it was the one.

I’m calling it my new year knit, as I cast on first thing on January 1st when I was feeling too queasy to do anything other than knit in bed. What can I say, it was a good Hogmanay party 😉

Despite the fine yarn and tiny needles (3.5mm) it’s growing faster than I expected, and I have this much so far:

Hopefully it won’t take me the whole of 2018 to finish it!

I’ve also been working on my own pattern for a quick little crochet cowl, but it’s not ready for posting or photos yet.

So that’s been my week so far! What’s everyone else been working on? Are you all back to work as well? Let me know in the comments!



FO Friday 17.11.17

I’m naming this week Hat Week, because I’ve been whacking them out and I’m now onto my fourth!

You’ve seen this rainbow lovely, which I decided not to make a pompom for so it’s finished as is.


I also (totally on purpose, honest) made a baby version with pompom using the same yarn.

This might be the cutest thing I’ve seen all year – I made it and even I squee a little bit every time I see it. It’s just so CUTE!!

This one here is the first one I made using my circular needles.

I’m calling it the Ribbit Hat, because the number of times I had to frog this thing is into double figures. And, y’know, it has ribbing.

That weird stripe in the cream was an attempt at a pattern using knit and purl stitches. They’re supposed to be triangles, but clearly it needs a yarn with clearer stitch definition because it just looks a bit wavy.

This one came out as a slouchy hat, which I didn’t think I liked, but then I tried it on and it actually doesn’t look too bad.

The santa hat is not quite finished because I was finishing up my Captain America cushion instead.

What do you think? It’s not quite as I imagined, but you can definitely tell what it’s supposed to be so that’ll do for me! And my Mum is pleased with it, which is what really matters considering she ordered it.

So that’s been my pretty productive week. Does anyone else get into trends of making the same thing? Got any FOs to share? Let me know in the comments!