Crafting Q & A

It’s Monday and I’m a bit bored, so I decided to join in the Q&A from Nothing But Knit!

Here goes:

1.Do you have a favorite crafting tool?

My Knitpro symfonie interchangeable cable needles are hands down my favourite things ever. I never knew knitting could be so smooth. Plus they’re absolutely gorgeous.

2. Which do you prefer when you craft: listening to a podcast or music, watching something on tv or silence?

Definitely not silence, unless I’m having a particularly introvert-y day. Usually I ‘watch’ a film or TV series on my laptop.

3. Do you have a favorite designer that you’d like to recommend?

I’ve not actually bought one of her patterns yet, but I’m in love with everything Chantal Miyagishima (Knitatude on Instagram) has ever designed. Next pay day I’m going to get her chain link cowl pattern.

4. Most people have a favorite color, do you find you use it more than other colors? Is there a color you avoid? Why?

My favourite colour is Kelly green, but I hardly ever get to use it because yarn companies never seem to make it. “AVAILABLE IN 8637 SHADES!!” but none of them is Kelly green ¬_¬

I don’t particularly like orange, yellow, or brown so they very rarely turn up in my makes.

5. Have you experienced a crafting injury? If yes, what.

The usual repetitive strain in my wrist and shoulder. I quite often get a sore neck because my head tilts to the side when I get into the flow, and I never notice until an hour later when I try to straighten it and my muscles shout at me.

Oh and once I managed to slice my finger with some crochet thread, like a cheese wire. Good times.