July review 2020

Oops I just realised I haven’t done a yarn stash update for last month yet. Better get on with it!

Stash used this month: 1.25

Total stash used this year: 36

Stash additions: 2 or 4 (do I count the yarn the boyfriend bought for his socks? I can’t decide)

Stash remaining: 325.75 (or 327.75)

I spent so much time darning socks last month that I hardly got through any stash. But that doesn’t seem so bad when I look at the pile of socks I can now wear again.

I did finish one pair of shortie socks and made a good start on another, which is where the tiny bit of yarn was used up.

All of my factory-made socks are fixed now so this month I can get back to knitting, crocheting, and busting some stash!



WIP Wednesday 22.07.19

I finally managed to tear myself away from knitting socks, although I didn’t get away from them completely.

At the bottom of my wardrobe there’s been a pile of holey socks accumulating over the years, and there they would probably still be if I hadn’t suddenly hit a shortage. Yes, I wore through so many pairs of socks that I didn’t even have enough left to last a week! It was beyond time to get on with it.

You may remember the moth incident a few months ago. Well that left me with lots of short pieces of sock yarn far too small to make anything with.


I quite like the look of visible mending so I decided to use them for fixing all the socks, regardless of colour.

The first couple were done and fastened off before I remembered you’re supposed to do them inside out, but now I’m getting the hang of it and I can see the stitches getting neater each time.

I still don’t know why mending things feels so satisfying, but add in using up those scraps of yarn I thought were goners and it’s even better. I may never get rid of old socks again!



FO Friday (sort of) 16.02.18

So this isn’t technically crafty related, but I’m counting it because if I were not a crocheter I wouldn’t have had the right yarn to do this.

The only thing I’ve finished this week is a repair to one of my running shoes


There’s actually more difference between the colours in real life, but I’m not ashamed of visible repairs. These things cost me over £100, you’re dang right I didn’t just throw them away because of one tiny hole!

Also, they’re pretty

Teal and pink is one of my favourite colour combos

I have never before or since seen a pair of running shoes that I like looking at as much as these.

So yeah, that’s all I finished this week. Unless you count packing a suitcase. Which I might.

How was your week? Got any FOs to share? Let me know in the comments!